Topic: Expanding the playoff… your thoughts?
Replies: 4   Last Post: Jun 11, 2021, 8:25 PM by: shirleyb
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Replies: 4  

Expanding the playoff… your thoughts?

Jun 11, 2021, 4:27 PM

I’m not in favor of expansion, but it seems inevitable. I think that it should not go beyond 8 teams. This would add a 16th game for the two teams playing in the championship game (acceptable IMHO). I would also like to see a disqualification clause that eliminates any 2-loss team from contention (the ESPN article has the audacity to mention 3-loss teams).

Consider this: Under the current/old format, half the teams ended their season on a positive note due to their bowl victory (remember how positive the BCS victory over LSU was for Clemson?). Under this expanded playoff scenario, 11 of the 12 teams will end the season with a loss.

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Re: Expanding the playoff… your thoughts?

Jun 11, 2021, 4:39 PM

In the present system all but maybe one of the relevant teams end the season with at least one loss.
I see your point, as it may not be the last game played for those not in the CFP.
Playing your best game and loosing is still a "win".
Fans like you and me want to win every game by a hundred, but that don't happen.
I think we are proud even in a loss when we line up "prepared" and fall short. It hurts to high heaven, but that is sports.

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.... how many trombones led the big parade ?

Re: Expanding the playoff… your thoughts?

Jun 11, 2021, 4:40 PM

My opinion
Must be a conference champion or runner up, meaning a team should have at least had to have won their conference division. This eliminates more than two teams from any one conference.

No conference no shot at the playoffs.

I don’t mind a bye but eliminate the first round bye and move it to after the second round. Two Highest ranked teams remaining after the first round get the bye.

First round of playoffs are at the higher ranked teams home stadium.

College playoffs selection committee voting and discussion must be open, transparent and televised. At a minimum give a handful of sports reporters access to everything.

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That’s a really interesting point about ending the season on a loss.

Jun 11, 2021, 5:39 PM

It will require an adjustment by all stakeholders in how they perceive a successful season, and it will definitely ignite the fires of the coaching carousel if high level teams lose final games when they shouldn’t, etc.

Worth thinkin about, IMO.

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Re: Expanding the playoff… your thoughts?

Jun 11, 2021, 8:25 PM

I thought there were good points for the xpanding. Create interest throughout the country, ensure college season is not so predictable. It’s too much for the players. Violent game and the wear and rear is tough. Maybe reach same goals with 6 or 8 teams.

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Replies: 4  
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