Topic: So Recruiting is big concern. Better check the mange Files
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So Recruiting is big concern. Better check the mange Files

emoji_events [9]
Posted: Jul 25, 2018, 9:07 PM

How are we planning on getting back to above .500 in 2011 with guys like these? Auburn, FSU, and VT will embarrass us.

DeShawn Williams (3-star)
Grady Jarrett (3-star)
Jerome Maybank (3-star)
Kevin Dodd (3-star)
Adam Humphries (3-star)
Stanton Seckinger (3-star)[/st]

There goes ANOTHER 5* to UGA. We have potential but our coaches are holding us back. Hey Dabo, in case you didn't notice against WVU- we need Playmakers and a Defense. Not these guys.

Jay Guillermo (3-Star)
Isiah Battle (3-Star)
Kevin Dodd (3-Star)
Bradley Pinion (3-Star)
DJ Reader (3-Star)

Venables is passionate, but just like at OU, he can't recruit and he can't beat good teams. While UGA and South Carolina load up on Blue Chips for National Titles, we're settling for scrappy scrubs. And lol is that TWO 2-STARS I see??! They'll never see the field, and WE WILL NEVER WIN A TITLE WITH PLAYERS LIKE THESE!

Cordrea Tankersley (3-Star)
Marcus Edmond (3-Star)
Wayne Gallman (3-Star)
Jordan Leggett (3-Star)
Jadar Johnson (3-Star)
Maverick Morris (3-Star)
Ryan Carter (2-Star)
TJ Green (2-Star)

We will never beat South Carolina. They get 5 Stars, and always will. Can Deshaun Watson play Defense, too? We still can't play defense and will never be elite on that side of the ball in 2014 or EVER. But what do you expect? South Carolina will keep bringing in Clowneys, and all we have are these guys:

Kendall Joseph (3-Star)
Justin Facinelli (3-Star)
Cordrea Tankersley (3-Star)
Richard Yergin (3-Star)
Jaylen Williams (3-Star)
Taylor Hearn (3-Star)
JD and Judah Davis (2-Stars)

Our great Defense is gone, we're in trouble. The media is right, and thanks to Dabo, we're left with a bunch of 3*s like Kevin Dodd, Kendall Joseph, DeShawn Williams, DJ Reader, Tankersley, and Edmond while all the 5*s are in Athens. 2* TJ Green is replacing Robert Smith smh. Omg ANOTHER elite RB recruit lost to UGA. Gallman is undersized and won't improve. Split OC's will never work. I heard we have 5* WRs on the sideline while some undersized white Walk-On freshman takes reps with the 1st String. Yeah, Dabo, a 0* walk on is going to get open for Deshaun Watson and make big plays against elite teams.

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Re: So Recruiting is big concern. Better check the mange Files

Posted: Jul 25, 2018, 9:17 PM

I agree thanks for looking up the past classes to help make the point. You listed a ton of players that excelled in year 3 and/or 4. Good point that we will have depth issues due to low numbers and waiting on some of the guys in 2019 to grow into solid players. Only thing you missed was the list of 5 - 6.0 marker 4 stars we need to help contribute year 1 and 2 from 2020 class. I agree with you that will really help to alleviate the time for a lot of these 2019 kids to develop and prosper.


Re: So Recruiting is big concern. Better check the mange Files

Posted: Jul 25, 2018, 10:30 PM

There will always be the unsatisfied fans . I cannot count myself out of that grouping ... on occasion in my 40+ years of being a Tiger fan I have wondered how we would win with what we had to put on the field.
Not right now though . We are really solid if not spectacular. There are a couple of depth concerns, but we have a whole lot of talent and the culture of winning can carry you a long way so long as the kids buy in and play within the system .
We will be fine. In fact, we're gonna be really good for a long while .

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Re: So Recruiting is big concern. Better check the mange Files

Posted: Jul 25, 2018, 11:34 PM

Tankersley and Marcus Edmond were 4 star players. Jay was the #1 center in the country for ESPN and a 4 star. Rest looks good and I love your point. Most of the time we get these kids in our camps and get on them quick. Which is why we have alot of 3 Stars so far on our commit list. Some of these cats videos are awesome. Then again I know we have been striking out on top guys, due to offers going out in May-June. Thank UGA , Auburn, and Miami's recent success for that. Go through rivals top 100 and you will notice alof of guys we lost to those teams that you were once seeing articles about. Owen Papoe rings a bell. I'm not worried. We are in the mix for the #1 center, top 10wr, #3 rb, and Nolan Smith #1-2 defensive end will flip our way. Our coaches got this


With Dabo and company in charge and people with probably

Posted: Jul 25, 2018, 11:42 PM

more things in their life more important to worry about and they worry about recruiting? Never understand.

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