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For grins and giggles I went back and watched the 4th qtr
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For grins and giggles I went back and watched the 4th qtr

emoji_events [7]
Oct 25, 2021, 10:06 PM

14:55 Pickett throws his fourth INT and 2nd to Goodrich.
TL16 Pulled and DJ5 new Clemson QB
10:55 4th & 4; DJ TD pass to Melussi - Score now 52-17
Kickoff and Pitt goes 3 and out.
9:18 DJ5 Pass to 22 Swinney; Pitt does Boulware like front suplex. Flag thrown but no penalty. Announcer: likely no flag because Swinney showed class and immediately shook the defenders hand. (I guess he was saying “good hit!”)
8:19 Tiger punt
7:19 Pitt punt
Clemson: pass, run, shovel pass(!!) for 1st down
5:30 Tiger run, sack, incomplete, punt by Swanson (his 3rd of the season!)
4:42 Pickett pulled and Yellen new Pitt QB
incomplete, no gain, short pass, punt
CU Timeout before punt. Not sure why? Maybe to see who else to put in?
3:12 New Clemson QB, walk on Helms
3 and out. Pitt partially blocks punt
Announcers: “Clemson is pulling folks in from the crowd to play (camera on kids: “put me in coach!”)
1:34 Pitt is throwing long passes. Pitt TE #28 catches a long pass and “gets laid out” on a clean hit
Clemson’s Patterson scoops a fumble and is down at the Pitt 1yd line.
:40 Senior Day - last home game and Dabo puts Senior RB Rencher in for two runs to try and get the senior a TD. Pitt stops both runs an with :12 left Clemson let’s time run out.

Yeah, if that’s no class, then so be it.

Go Tigers!

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Pretty sure Narduzzi is a self absorbed jerk

Oct 25, 2021, 10:08 PM

Immature little man with a big ego. None of that was a “shot across the bow” at you Nard dog. We don’t even think about you.

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Great post!! Narduzzi is way out of line and disrespectful to players

Oct 25, 2021, 10:11 PM

who do not normally get to play much. His own team plays only 1st string in nearly every game so he fails to understand that of which he speaks.

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