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Dabo to Bama talk

Posted: Dec 9, 2017, 7:21 AM

Is it just me but it seems like more and more people on this board and college football fans I’ve talked to in general seem convinced that Dabo will leave soon. I feel like us being this good and getting better would make that harder. More and more people seem like it’s a for gone conclusion he is leaving and Venables will take his spot. Has something changed? Did I miss something?


It's just you.***

emoji_events [11]
Posted: Dec 9, 2017, 7:26 AM

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There's something in these hills.

Not soon. But people are just being logical.

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Posted: Dec 9, 2017, 7:29 AM

The assumption is that Saban will not coach forever and that the logical person to take his place would be Dabo. After all, Dabo meets Bama criteria - he's a champion and he's a Bama alum. So far, so good.

Here are the holes in the logic:
1) Saban has given no indication he plans to retire soon.
2) Dabo has said more than once that while he can never say "never" he is happy at Clemson. Factors he cited that could change that are lack of support by the admin or if we run him out.
3) Dabo has a son, Venables has a son, and we have a recruiting class coming in that gives every indication that Clemson is far from done with this magical run of championship seasons.

Therefore, while we can never say never and the logic of Dabo to Bama is sound, it is not likely to happen in the very near future. Someday? Sure. Very soon? Not likely.

My advice? Enjoy the ride. It won't last forever. Nothing does.

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Re: Dabo to Bama talk

Posted: Dec 9, 2017, 7:44 AM

It is just you, and perhaps a few other people who feel some need to fabricate drama.


Re: Dabo to Bama talk

emoji_events [12]
Posted: Dec 9, 2017, 8:00 AM

Where on Earth do people get this?

Clemson is Dabo's program, top to bottom. He is this program's architect...its Bobby Bowden or JoePa, as it were. He built its culture, its roster, its staff, even, now, a lot of its facilities. His son is a student-athlete here. He and his wife also just finished their dream home, a veritable Castle de Swinney right on the lake.

Alabama is his alma mater, true. Don't forget Alabama also fired him once. He was fired in 2000, and had to spend three years out of coaching, making a living selling real estate until Tommy Bowden finally gave him another chance in 2003. Alabama fans may have forgotten this; I promise you Dabo hasn't.

Alabama, right now, is also Nick Saban's program, from mortar to soul. It was built by Saban, features Saban's culture, personnel (almost none of whom have any connection to the program Dabo knew when he was fired in 2000). And go back to that word "culture", because it's very different, at Alabama. Clemson's culture is built on family; Alabama's is built on ambition, methodical precision, and ruthlessness, what Saban calls "the Process". (With a capital-"p".) Everybody at Bama now, from the very top down, is firmly rooted in the Nick Saban approach - heck, everybody in the SEC now is trying to be Nick Saban Lite.

Why on Earth does everybody think Dabo will leave the program he has built - of which he is the architect - to go be the paid caretaker of Nick Saban's program? (Where he'd just be an employee, and one who could be, and would be, fired the second he failed to win as many games as Nick Saban did?)

Anybody who thinks that just isn't paying attention to Dabo Swinney.

Alabama can probably offer more money, sure. But is there the slightest sign that love of money for its own sake is the first or even the fifth priority for Dabo Swinney?


Re: Dabo to Bama talk

Posted: Dec 9, 2017, 8:35 AM

His new home isn’t on the lake .

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quozzel is spot on.

Posted: Dec 9, 2017, 9:41 AM

Add one more ingredient to the mix - National Championships. I predict Dabo is going to get at least one more National Championship at Clemson (maybe even this year) and when that occurs, Dabo will have solidified his position as the greatest football coach of all time at Clemson. Dabo would in fact be Clemson's "Bear Bryant" as it were and would have something almost non-existent in the coaching profession today - permanence. At this point Dabo will be a fixture at Clemson (and the state of SC) similar to that of Frank Howard.

I just don't see Dabo giving up that kind of prestige and authority in Clemson to be a third fiddle player to Saint Bryant and the Beatified Saban at Alabama. Any success Dabo would have at Alabama would always be compared to Bryant and Saban but at Clemson Dabo would be "the standard" at the top of the pedestal for as long as he wants to coach. At Clemson, Dabo is a once in a generation coach - at Alabama he would be just another coach living under the sun (Bear Bryant) and moon (Nick Saban) and the shadows they cast.

One last thought - I keep hearing that 'Bama would offer more money. Maybe, maybe not - Bama pays Saban $11 million a year and is the highest paid coach in college football. We pay Dabo $8.5 million a year and he is the second highest paid coach in college football. The idea that Alabama is willing to pay Dabo significantly more than Clemson to lure Dabo away is somewhat of a false impression as quite frankly it appears Clemson is already heading the route of making Dabo one of the highest paid football coaches in the profession and has shown we are willing to spend the resources to keep him.

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I have some lakefront property in Pendleton

Posted: Dec 9, 2017, 10:43 AM

that I'll sell you. ;)

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Re: Dabo to Bama talk

Posted: Dec 9, 2017, 8:10 AM

I think Dabo is too prideful to leave a place he built to go reap the benefits of what someone else built. I also think he would be chancing his opportunities with recruits at that time. He will retire at Clemson. It's what's best for his legacy


It is you for sure!***

Posted: Dec 9, 2017, 8:22 AM

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Re: Dabo to Bama talk

Posted: Dec 9, 2017, 8:26 AM

Bama fans think they invented football and the media loves controversy as it drives page views. The reality is a lot of factors will drive Dabo’s decision and there is no way to tell what he will do as the factors change over time and we don’t know the timing for when Saben retires. No need to get your panties in a wad every time it is mentioned in the media or when some inbred Bama starts a new thread about it.


Dabo to Bama talk = GIANT Pipe Dream

Posted: Dec 9, 2017, 9:06 AM

Made up by 'Bama fans who want him, and USuCk fans who hate him, and numerous hand-wringers in our own fan-base.

Will Muschamp has a better chance of winning a National Championship than we do of losing Dabo to 'Bama...please.

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I like your thinking

Posted: Dec 9, 2017, 9:11 AM

and I hope you're right.

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Re: I like your thinking

Posted: Dec 9, 2017, 9:26 AM

Something would have to change at Clemson for Dabo to leave.

The BOT, President, the AD, and Dabo are all rowing in the same direction. That's unheard of, anywhere. One of the peices of the puzzle would have to change direction for Dabo to want out.

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Re: Dabo to Bama talk

Posted: Dec 9, 2017, 9:17 AM

If he had never won a CFP National Championship maybe,
but now that he has and many more possible he will be a legend at Clemson forever more!
The house that Dabo built.

It is all his. He will continue to get good raises so that even the money wouldn't be that much higher.

Sorry Bama he will NEVER be your coach!


Re: Dabo to Bama talk

emoji_events [7]
Posted: Dec 9, 2017, 9:22 AM

Reasons Dabo is a lifer:

Dabo’s mentor is Gene Stallings, who is an Aggie alum and former coach. I’m quite confident the two of them have discussed such things and I expect Gene would have advised him to stay where he is assuming the support remains aligned and consistent.

His family has all spent their most formative years in Clemson, which as most of you know, has a way of getting its claws into you. It’s a great place to raise a family, secluded yet close enough to bigger cities.

Dabo is extremely loyal. He would have a hard time leaving his staff and supporting cast for another job. Clemson also took a huge leap of faith by giving Dabo this opportunity. Much bigger deal than allowing someone to walk on to a team.

This is Dabo’s brainchild and masterpiece.

But, the most important reason is what folks somehow seem to miss. Dabo isn’t doing this for the money, fame or accolades. He is using his position to achieve his life’s goal of impacting kids lives and making them into better men. Winning is a side effect, not the goal. Winning is the fun part, but is not the most important part to Dabo. Clemson is the absolute best place in the country for him to make this impact due to our location, culture, values, religious beliefs and love for football. There are a lot of parts of his system that just wouldn’t be tolerated at a place like Bama as they place winning first, even at the expense of players, time with the family and other parts of life that are more important to Dabo than winning. That’s why I chuckle when folks get mad about his “5 Heart” players. It’s all part of what he does, and in my opinion, his system will utimately prove to be the best of all time as we are starting to see play out.

Just stop worrying, make sure we keep the Admin and BOT aligned with Athletics, watch as Clemson continues its tradition of creating great men and just enjoy the ride... this truly is a special time we are living in.



Posted: Dec 9, 2017, 10:44 AM

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Posted: Dec 9, 2017, 9:30 AM

do you find these people you are referring to? I know none of them.

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Re: Where.....

Posted: Dec 9, 2017, 10:07 AM

I have heard one person say that Dabo would only leave Clemson for the Bama job. His son was recruited by Clemson and he said it during one of ESPN's telecast of the 2017 National Championship game.


go talk to some coots, they will all tell you he is leaving

Posted: Dec 9, 2017, 10:56 AM

as soon as he can find a way out of the cow pasture

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Another vote for just you

Posted: Dec 9, 2017, 10:45 AM

Can you imagine Dabo walking into a team meeting and telling the team he hasn't been honest with them and he was leaving...yeah, ain't happening

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Dabo isn't leaving PERIOD!

Posted: Dec 9, 2017, 10:47 AM

Coach Swinney would not leave a dynasty that he's built to go to Bama. He wouldn't leave something he built to coach under someone else's dynasty. It just wouldn't happen. The only way I see him leaving is if we have two back to back losing seasons. Maybe that would cause a stir and encourage him to look for greener pastures. However, we all know that it wouldn't happen because we will at the very least have a 10 win season with the talent we have alone. Coach Venables isn't leaving either, and even if Coach Swinney left, BV doesn't want a head coaching position.

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