Topic: Interesting Info from 1904 Clemson Yearbook-Football History
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Interesting Info from 1904 Clemson Yearbook-Football History

emoji_events [16]
Posted: Sep 9, 2019, 4:30 PM
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Don't know if you recall, but during the aTm game, they had the Aflac Trivia question about what Tiger was the first to be inducted into the College Football HofF. Answer was Heisman.... and they showed a pic of the 1903 Clemson Football Team.

That pic actually came from the 1904 Clemson Yearbook (called "The Oconeean" at that time). I have a copy of it that my dad gave me (it came through his auction one evening.) I've posted about it before, but the pic made me pull it out and look through again.

Came across this in the back... an "ad" for Clemson Agricultural College from the President P.H. Mell.... Have attached pic of it... interesting at the end which sows "Expenses."

"Te deposit required from each student on admission is $62.88, except in the case of students who receive tuition free, when it is $52.88, which includes full uniform. Free tuition is given only to residents of the State. ...

"After the first deposit a quarterly deposit of $26.88 for pay tuition students, and $16.88 for free tuition students is required at the beginning of each quarter."...

This gives a total of $143.42 per year for students paying tuition, and #103.42 per year for students who receive tuition free. These deposits pay for board, tuition, laundry fee, incidental fee, breakage fee, medical fee and one uniform. Books and other necessary articles not mentioned will be furnished at cost."

"Each student is required to bring four sheets, two blankets, one comfort, six towels, two pillo-cases and one pillow."

So you could get a degree for under $500!!!!

There is a great write-up titled "Our Football History" -- about three pages -- starting with...

"Up to the year 1896 the game of football was unheard of at Clemson. About this time some members of te Faculty, who had been interested in college athletics at other places, and a few of the cadets, began to ask the question, 'Why should Clemson not havea football team?' Football at Clemson had its inception at a meeting held in one of the rooms of the barracks by a number of cadets in the early fall of '96."


"Prof. Riggs, who had played on the Auburn team, very kindly offered his assistance as coach. Up to this time a football had never been seen on the college campus; we did not have a gridiron, but practice was held on the small green in front of barracks. The cadets took great interest in the new game, and went into it with a determination to put out a winning team, notwithstanding their many difficulties."

Goes on to recap all the games 1896 through 1903.

Concerning Heisman... this is what was written:

"It was at the begining of the season of 1900 tat the services of Mr. J. W. Heisman were secured as Coach. Mr. Heisman graduated in the Law Department of the University of Pennsylvania in '93, where he played under te celebrated Coach Woodruff. He coached the Auburn teams of '95, '96, '96 and '98. Under this experienced man football received an impetus that soon placed us on a par with the best teams of the South. The six games played this season were all victories for Clemson. In rapid succession Davidson, Wofford, S.C.C. (Uof5C), Georgia, VPI and Alabama(!) suffered overwhelming defeats at the hands of "Heisman's Tigers."

I can post more pics from this if anyone is interested. There are some good ones of the campus, Tillman (the "Main" Building), etc. etc.


Thanks. Great Post!***

Posted: Sep 9, 2019, 4:35 PM

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Agree, great post! Love local history!***

Posted: Sep 9, 2019, 4:41 PM


Re: Interesting Info from 1904 Clemson Yearbook-Football History

Posted: Sep 9, 2019, 4:50 PM

BTW Heisman is the second on right back row....


Re: Interesting Info from 1904 Clemson Yearbook-Football History

Posted: Sep 9, 2019, 5:12 PM

BTW, why doesn't Clemson claim the 1900 National Championship? Bama claims all of those in the past...

We were undefeated under Heisman... with only two kind of close games... scores for '00

CU 64 Davidson 0
CU 21 Wofford 0
CU 51 Uof5C 0
CU 39 UGa 5
CU 12 VPI 5
CU 35 Alabama 0

Must have had a good defense even then!


Good stuff!***

Posted: Sep 9, 2019, 5:33 PM

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Re: Interesting Info from 1904 Clemson Yearbook-Football History

Posted: Sep 9, 2019, 6:36 PM

Can you help me please? Is there a cadet, last name Gray, in there? My husband's grandfather.


Re: Interesting Info from 1904 Clemson Yearbook-Football History

Posted: Sep 9, 2019, 11:28 PM

I don’t see anyone listed with last name of Gray in any of the classes. Only the seniors have individual pictures and no Gray.

The other classes have just group shots but all of their names are listed and unfortunately there is no Gray in any of the classes. In addition to the Jr/Soph/Fresh classes there is also a “sub Freshman” class. My understanding was these were guys that were taking classes out of HS to qualify for admissions. And there is no Gray listed there either . ??

They also list all the names of the football players from 96 to 03 and no Gray.

Sorry couldn’t help!!


Re: Interesting Info from 1904 Clemson Yearbook-Football History

Posted: Sep 9, 2019, 7:43 PM

The $143.00 would be around $3500.00 in todays dollars. Believe it or not, most people in South Carolina earned about $100.00 a year. Most people were farmers. Hard to imagine!



Posted: Sep 10, 2019, 3:19 AM

Can you please post the picture of the Freshman class? Should be somewhere on pages 67-70.
These pages are missing from the online digital version. My great-grandfather D.S. Hollis is in it.

Also, if your copy is completely intact, you may want to consider letting the University borrow it so it can be scanned for the digital version.


The version they scanned is missing the aforementioned picture and is missing pages. I remember seeing the original in Cooper Library when I was a student and it was falling apart even then.

Side note: My great-grandfather D.S. Hollis played on the football team in 1904 as a fullback. It’s a shame there is no picture of the ‘04 team (there is very little info on the ‘04 team). I have a letter from Bob Bradley (sports information director at the time) from the early 90s proving he was a member but since there was no group photo taken of the ‘04 team and the online annual is missing the freshman class I have no pictures of him from his Clemson days. He was at Clemson for only one year (04-05) before having to come home to help on the farm after my great-great grandmother died while he was a student.

Thank you!


Re: Request

Posted: Sep 10, 2019, 11:03 AM
IMG_1498 (1).jpg(117.5 K)
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IMG_1496.jpg(103.5 K)

Here's a few pics of the Freshman class, along with a pic of the names of folks in the class. Unfortunately they don't have the names listed so you can tell who is who in the photo! But it does show your Great Grandfather's name in the list of names, so I'm sure he's in the pic... if you can find him!

It's hard to make out the faces even in the original, but if you find him, I can try and get a closer pic of him if you'll just let me know where he is. If you want anymore pics, just let me know. More than happy to help out.

Unfortunately (as I'm sure you already know), this 1904 edition of the yearbook likely came out in the late spring/early summer of 1903... so the football team shown in it is 1903... missing your man by a year. (Like I said, you certainly are already aware.)

I've taken a quick look at some of the earlier yearbooks, and seems that they had very few pics, and certainly not a lot of "candid" shots. There are a few in this book of life in the barracks, and several small photos of campus buildings, etc. It's still very difficult to tell exactly how the "landscape" of the campus was back then. One interesting pic shows the horticulture gardens... now sure where that was!

Anyway, check you Tmail... I also sent these to you. Hopefully you can locate Grandpa!!!

Let me know if need/want anything else!


Re: Request

Posted: Sep 10, 2019, 11:04 AM

and here are pic of the names...


Must have been tough guys...exactly 11 players***

Posted: Sep 10, 2019, 11:27 AM

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