Topic: I know we are fortunate af, and absolutely lucky
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Replies: 3  

I know we are fortunate af, and absolutely lucky

emoji_events [6]
Posted: Sep 28, 2019, 8:34 PM

(blessed if you're religious) to have the talent on this team that we do. But our coaches have got to stop experimenting to the extreme in these non-competitive games. Today was absurd, just absurd. Our twos should've been able to win this game without worry. But what do we get? Elliot/Scott fuggin route tree experiments. You know why Justyn Ross shouldn't run sit down drag zone routes...cuz he's a fuggin' gazelle! Quit trying to make those 6' 4", 4.5, giraffe type dudes inside velcro pads. Hunter Renfrow was the only, original, and unique super power velcro monkey.

I can appreciate the desire to mentally stretch the offense and not create patterns that our future opponents recognize and stab us with, but c'mon. When shid ain't workin, force 1 on 1's with Higgins, Ross, Ngata and force them to make a play.

Dabo said we were outcoached after the ballgame, and he was right. You know why? It wasn't scheme or planning or any esoteric football mystic shid. Rule 1 of coaching if you have superior talent is pressure. You have the personnel to force the opponent into making bad decisions, and that applies to offense or defense. We didn't test their corners, didn't test their LBs in coverage, rarely used the middle of the field they were giving us to stop the run. When Trevor called a TO before the TD, it was because he saw the weakness in the D, called the TO and said coach, "gotta run the sneak in the C gap, there's nothin' there." That was all Trevor, I guarantee.

Not poopoing Dabo, the guy knows what he's doing. But for God's sake have a better fuggin' gameplan for our weaker opponents. Today was just stupid, stupid, stupid. Should've never been close except we fumbledumbefarted all over the place.


Re: I know we are fortunate af, and absolutely lucky

Posted: Sep 28, 2019, 8:39 PM

Your funny, we got outplayed. Get over it.


Completely agree

Posted: Sep 28, 2019, 8:50 PM

This one's on Elliott. We continually sandbag more than any program I've ever watched, and today it almost cost us. We have superior talent at almost every matchup, yet we won't adjust our scheme when the one matchup we're not dominating is effecting the game. Specifically, ETN was getting blown up by that LB and we would not put a TE in there to help. Given the routes we were running, TL did not have time, so he often rushed throws.

God Bless Brent Venables. He has won yet another game for us.


Yep. I understand why you sandbag, but not to this

Posted: Sep 28, 2019, 9:58 PM

extent. We didn't do what we do. When you play Clemson, we are going to force you to defend every single blade of grass on the field...twice....on the same play. It's just what we do. I know it, you know it, Mack Brown knows it, every HC on our schedule knows it. So why in the he 11 did we try to pack our offense in a box for 3 quarters. Today's gameplan made it easy for our opponent.

Got too cute, overthought shid, and didn't do what we are built to do...which is turn the field into a racetrack until you make us pound you to death on the ground.

And you're right, thank God for Venables today. Although he gets a sideye for that first half.


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