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Interesting to contrast Clem WRs with Bama and tOSU WRs
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Interesting to contrast Clem WRs with Bama and tOSU WRs

emoji_events [7]
Apr 17, 2022, 10:44 PM

the past 8 to 10 yrs. When considering most of our top guys, we have generally excelled with big basketball type WRs that aren't that fast or shifty but still had the rare gift of getting separation without those traits (ie. DHop, Mike Will, Tee, Ross). Bama and tOSU have more so gone the route of crazy quick guys and/ or track team. I feel like it's pretty much been a wash on which way has been the most effective/productive up until last year. Feels like we got sucked into to thinking we could pluck a couple of Mike Williams/ Tee Higgins clones every recruiting cycle when in actuality those guys are really hard to come by. We still have the basketball team trait personnel, but personally I don't see anything close to a DHop, Mike Will, Tee, or freshman year Ross on this team or currently in the recruiting pipeline. I wish we would get back to recruiting the mixed bag of having that explosive guy (ie. Sammy), great hands beast (ie. DHop), crazy straight-line speed guy (Martavis Bryant) and then the reliable possession guy (ie. Renfrow/ Jaron Brown). If we had 3 out of 4 of this on the roster every year we'd be set. I just wish we'd get back to recruiting that way.

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Re: Interesting to contrast Clem WRs with Bama and tOSU WRs

Apr 18, 2022, 7:02 AM

How was Easter for you? Happy times for enjoying the long weekend?

Nice observation about contrasting Bama's and tOSU's WRs with ours.

Maybe I've missed something about the Bama and tOSU WRs, but I'm struggling to remember a big WR that really did a lot for either team. (Of course, Bama has had some almost-run-like-a-deer TEs that were almost hybrid WR / TE types.)

Only thing that you missed in mentioning the slot type (possession type) receivers is that during the entire CDS time, we have recruited slot / possession type guys. With but a few exceptions (R.R.McCloud, Artavis Scott, Amari Rodgers, and recently Troy Stellato ... each of which were 4* or higher), we have reliably recruited 3* (or lower) players who have done very well in the slot.

We were ready in 2021 until illness (B.Spector) or injury (Will Taylor) or combination of injury + not-yet-ready-to-play (T.Stellato) intervened.

As you had aptly pointed out, our current group of 5* big guys (no names needed here) were only somewhat ready to play, and none of them displayed the hands (with exception of Ross ... who still showed good hands in general and had some true 'great hands' plays) of the Hopkins / Watkins / M.Williams / Tee types who could be physical and catch the contested balls.

Sometimes the luck (as you had pointed out with the Hopkins through T.Higgins group) just ain't there. But it isn't because we are recruiting the wrong types of players or ignoring the 'possession' WRs.

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Jameson Williams 6'2"****

Apr 18, 2022, 2:39 PM

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I can recall when I thought we recruited too many WRs. Boy,

Apr 18, 2022, 8:23 AM

wish we could go back to those days. Our WR recruiting has not panned out as of late. No obvious early round NFL types in our lineup (at least they haven't showed it on field yet)

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Maybe you should be Dabo's recruiting coordinator....***

Apr 18, 2022, 2:51 PM

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You are so right.

Apr 18, 2022, 3:10 PM

I don't see an NFL HOFer, one of the highest paid NFL WRs, a former walk-on guy drafted 149th that has exceeded all NFL expectations, a guy that just caught 2 TDs in the Super Bowl, a guy that made a ridiculous one handed grab in the CFP championship game, nor one of the most freakish athletes to come through here EVER that turned out to unfortunately be an NFL bust. Also don't see a Sammy Watkins.

That said, we didn't see any of those guys until we did, did we?

Time and patience, grasshopper. Time and patience. A few of them need to get a season, a 2nd season, or simply a healthy season under their belts.

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Agree, we got stuck in a rut…

Apr 18, 2022, 3:21 PM

Recruiting a bunch of 6’4” and 6’5” 50/50 ball guys who struggled to get separation. Meanwhile Bama has kept their focus on 6’2” and under guys who are explosive and can quickly get separation. That’s part of why I’m so excited about Troy Stellato and Antonio Williams, they could provide that diversification of skill we were missing last season..

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Replies: 6  


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