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Gotta give #22 his due
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Gotta give #22 his due

emoji_events [7]
Nov 29, 2021, 4:35 PM

I know, you know and he knows it's all about his dad. That said..

he never muffed a hold
he actually did score points
he played mop-up snaps to give the regs a break

Would any of us not have taken such an opportunity? Nope.

Well done Will.

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And here I thought this was a post about Trenton Simpson

Nov 29, 2021, 4:39 PM

But you are right. The best thing that a long snapper or holder can hope for is for no one to even know his name. That means he was reliable when it counted.

How about th holder for Bama the other night?

Good on you, Mr. Swinney!

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Replies: 1  
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