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Haydrian Lewis - Defensive Back
Height: 6-0   Weight: 170   Hometown: Goose Creek, SC (Stratford HS)   Class: 2005

MP: Tell us about your commitment to Clemson.

HL: I feel comfortable with the coaching staff. Coach Burns is the recruiting coordinator in our area. He is a real cool guy, I just feel comfortable with the coach staff. I think they treat the players right, they play them at the right positions. It is a good academic school and it is close to home where my parents can come and see me. Clemson is a good school and football program.

MP: Tell us about your camps at Clemson.

HL: My first camp was after my sophomore year. I went to the week long camp. I was out there like everybody else just going all out. I got lucky cause Coach Tommy Bowden walked up to me and said I want to offer you a scholarship. I had never been offered a scholarship before, I didn't know what to say I was shocked. They stuck with me the whole way through, until I came back this year. I just happy to be committed to Clemson.

MP: What some of the things you do well.

HL: I like playing man to man coverage. I like playing bump and run. I'm pretty sure that when I was at the camp a lot of guys wanted compete against me, because they felt like I was one of the better players at the camp. There was a lot of good receivers out there, and the coaches were impressed with how I played.

MP: Height, Weight, and Current 40 speed

HL: I am about 6-1, weigh 175, and run a 4.5. I bench press 275 and squat 350.

MP: What were your stats from last season?

HL: I had over 50 tackles, 3 interceptions, and 4 pbus. I improved from my sophomore year and I expect to improve again this year.

MP: Will you stay at corner this year?

HL: My coaches say receiver will be second position this year, but my coaches want me to learn how to play field corner. This year we are putting in a new package. They want me to lock up on opposing teams WRs in man to man coverage.

MP: How did you guys do last year at Stratford, and what do you expect out of your teammates this year?

HL: We went 11-2, and lost in the second round of the playoffs. We have been in the weight room this year. Working out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We expect to win every year, and especially this year. We expect to go 15-0. My teammates worked real hard. We deserve to win state, and I think we are very deserving to win state.

MP: Will you take any official visits?

HL: No, the only official visit I will take is to Clemson.

MP: Who all was involved with you?

HL: Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida State

MP: Do you play any other sports at Stratford?

HL: Yeah, I ran track and played basketball.

MP: What track events did you run?

HL: I ran the 400 and 110 hurdles.

MP: Everything is under control as far as academics.

HL: Definitely, I just have to finish my senior year strong. I am very confident about coming in in 2005.

MP: Did you grow up in Goose Creek?

HL: I lived here in Charleston my whole life.

MP: Who did you pull for growing up?

HL: I always liked Clemson over South Carolina, but I really pulled for Florida State. They were the dominant team when I was growing up. I liked all the athletes they have.

MP: Will you begin recruiting for Clemson now?

HL: I will recruit my own teammates. They are looking at a couple of our players, who I think are D-1 players.

MP: Is there a great youth football system in Goose Creek

HL: The reason we are so good every year is because of our coaches. Coaching staff is very strong. Our coaches have a lot of pride. They always say Stratford is not a democracy you are either a part of it or your not.

MP: Personal goals this season?

HL: I want to make the Shrine Bowl. I want eight picks, more than 60 tackles, and a couple of blocked kicks. Everything a senior would want a positive year, and a better year than last year.

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