Playing time breakdown: Clemson football through 11 games

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Deon Cain got a little more work than some starters with the Tigers aiming to get the deep passing game going.
Deon Cain got a little more work than some starters with the Tigers aiming to get the deep passing game going.

Clemson’s final tune-up before some big games ahead went to plan and more versus The Citadel.

In more limited roles, the only starters to lead their position groups in snaps were Kelly Bryant (34), Deon Cain (24) and Clelin Ferrell (27).

Double-digit scholarship contributors saw the field on the offensive line and in the secondary (11).

With only one new injury (LB Chad Smith, calf), five starters were able to sit out before the rivalry road trip this weekend in LT Mitch Hyatt (644), LB Kendall Joseph (522), LB Tre Lamar (331), DT Dexter Lawrence (329) and CB Mark Fields (246).

In his first career start, freshman linebacker James Skalski stepped in and led the team in tackles (9).

Few Tigers made more of their playing time than freshman receiver Tee Higgins, who was targeted eight times in 15 snaps with six catches for 178 yards and two touchdowns.

In all, Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said a record 94 players saw the field in all, with 74 getting in on the action by halftime.

Tracking Clemson's snaps against The Citadel:

(Noted: Season totals in parentheses. Snaps are tracked for depth-chart contributors and select scholarship athletes. Players are listed at their positions by the week’s depth chart. The participation report is provided by Clemson.)

Offense (32)

Quarterback (3): Kelly Bryant 34 (688), Zerrick Cooper 18 (91), Hunter Johnson 16 (56).

Running Back (4): C.J. Fuller 19 (187), Travis Etienne 14 (183), Tavien Feaster 13 (292), Adam Choice 10 (130).

Wide Receiver (9): Deon Cain 24 (515), Trevion Thompson 22 (195), T.J. Chase 22 (136), Cornell Powell 21 (122), Amari Rodgers 20 (179), Diondre Overton 20 (177), Ray Ray McCloud 18 (520), Tee Higgins 15 (138), Hunter Renfrow 14 (513).

Tight End (5): D.J. Greenlee 17 (126), Shadel Bell 14 (41), Milan Richard 13 (482), J.C. Chalk 12 (36), Cannon Smith 11 (150).

Offensive Line (11): John Simpson 40 (244), Sean Pollard 39 (391) Tremayne Anchrum 35 (462), Cade Stewart 32 (87), Gage Cervenka 32 (78), Chandler Reeves 25 (50), Zach Giella 25 (27), Maverick Morris 24 (309), Justin Falcinelli 21 (725), Taylor Hearn 21 (604), Tyrone Crowder 13 (478).

Defense (27)

Defensive End (5): Clelin Ferrell 27 (573), Justin Foster 25 (54), Austin Bryant 24 (537), Xavier Kelly 22 (69), Chris Register 21 (178).

Defensive Tackle (5): Albert Huggins 29 (175), Christian Wilkins 26 (533), Sterling Johnson 26 (74), Nyles Pinckney 25 (150), Jabril Robinson 16 (179).

Linebackers (6): Jalen Williams 39 (167), James Skalski 36 (81), J.D. Davis 33 (263), Shaq Smith 31 (49), Dorian O’Daniel 26 (565), Judah Davis 25 (41).

DB (CB/S/NB - 11): A.J. Terrell 34 (206), Trayvon Mullen 30 (431), Denzel Johnson 30 (42), Ryan Carter 29 (534), Nolan Turner 27 (44), K’Von Wallace 20 (312), Van Smith 19 (488), Isaiah Simmons 19 (221), Amir Trapp 18 (57), Marcus Edmond 17 (31), Tanner Muse 13 (565).

Did not play: LT Mitch Hyatt** (644), LB Kendall Joseph** (522), LB Tre Lamar** (331), DT Dexter Lawrence** (329), CB Mark Fields** (246).

Special teams-only: CB Brian Dawkins Jr. (0).

Can still redshirt (7): CB LeAnthony Williams, OG Matt Bockhorst, OT Blake Vinson, QB Chase Brice, OT Noah DeHond, LB Baylon Spector, DE Jordan Williams.

**Injured pregame or in-game.

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