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Sophomore Season 2010-2011: 1,275 All-Purpose Yards and 5 TDs **26 Rushing attempts for 149 yards (longest 33) with two touchdowns **36 Receptions for 483 yards (longest 74) with two touchdowns; **7 tackles on defense and two assists; one interception for 54 yards; **22 kick returns for 589 yards and one touchdown(longest 99 yards) (School Record); Junior Season 2011-2012: 1654 all-purpose yards and 11 TDs: **Passing: 1 pass, 15 yards, 1 TD; **51 Receptions for 697 yards (Longest 76) and 5 TDs (238 Yard 3 TD, Single Game Record vs. Archer); **40 Rushing attempts for 286 yards and 3 TDs; **20 Kick Off Returns for 421 yards (longest 67) and 1 TD; **11 Punt Returns for 235 yards and 1 TD


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Myles Campbell FAQ

What high school does Myles Campbell play for? Myles Campbell plays for Duluth HS
What position does Myles Campbell play for Duluth HS? Defensive Back
What are Myles Campbell's top college choices? Myles Campbell's top college choices are
What is Myles Campbell's national rank? 0
What is Myles Campbell's overall rank? 0
What is Myles Campbell's Defensive Back rank? 0
What is Myles Campbell's state rank in GA? 0
How tall is Myles Campbell? Myles Campbell currently stands at 5-7
How much does Myles Campbell weigh? Myles Campbell currently weighs in at 160 pounds
What state is Myles Campbell from? GA