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A member of the North Carolina Shrine Bowl Team...first-team all-state selection by the AP...all-region as a junior and senior...played his entire senior season as a 16-year old...played for Keith Wilks at Carver High School...first Clemson signee from Winston-Salem since Perry Tuttle in 1978

Mickey Plyler on Hairston: "I hardly knew anything about Hairston till the Shrine Bowl. He is only 16 years old and a long limb, long leg prospect. He is a guy who really doesn’t know how to play football yet but at 16 has a really high ceiling."

Reminds Plyler of: Derrick Brantley


School Offered (1) Visit Date
ClemsonYes Friday, 1/13/2006


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Chris Hairston FAQ

What high school does Chris Hairston play for? Chris Hairston plays for Carver HS
What position does Chris Hairston play for Carver HS? Offensive Line
What are Chris Hairston's top college choices? Chris Hairston's top college choices are ,Clemson
What school did Chris Hairston sign with to play football? Clemson
What is Chris Hairston's national rank? 0
What is Chris Hairston's overall rank? 0
What is Chris Hairston's Offensive Line rank? 0
What is Chris Hairston's state rank in NC? 0
How tall is Chris Hairston? Chris Hairston currently stands at 6-5
How much does Chris Hairston weigh? Chris Hairston currently weighs in at 270 pounds
What state is Chris Hairston from? NC
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