by David Hood - 11 months ago

Clemson fans will remember Nelson Faerber as one of the heroes of Clemson’s 23-21 win over South Carolina in 2007 when he blocked a punt and scored a touchdown on a reception from Cullen Harper. His friends know him as someone who was a fast-riser in the Air Force, served in Afghanistan and worked for the Judge Advocate General.

You will soon know him as someone who is running for Secretary of State.

Faerber announced his candidacy at a kickoff event in Greenville Friday morning. Per his press release:

Faerber announced he is a candidate for Secretary of State of South Carolina. Faerber, a conservative outsider, veteran of the War in Afghanistan, trial lawyer, and former Clemson football wide receiver from Greenville explained that if elected, he will make technological modernization of government offices his first priorities.

Nelson Faerber is a graduate of Clemson University, where he was a wide receiver and 2008 Special Teams Player of the Year. In 2016, he was the recipient of Clemson University's "Roaring 10" award. Nelson also graduated from Florida State University College of Law with Honors. Nelson then joined the United State Air Force, where he was recognized as a top 10% Distinguished Graduate (DG) from Officer Training School (OTS). He became a member of the Judge Advocate General's (JAG) Corps, served as a military prosecutor and defense counsel, and quickly earned recognition among his Fighter Wing staff as the Company Grade Officer (CGO) of the Year. When compared against 30 of his peer litigators, Nelson ranked #1. Nelson received orders to deploy for 192-days as a UCMJ, Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC), and Rules of Engagement (ROE) advisor in Afghanistan. After Combat Arms Instructors recognized him as an Expert Marksman, he was sent to the U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Center to receive in-residence combat training on small arms, hand-to-hand combat, improvised explosive device (IED) recognition, and tactical combat casualty care (TCCC). Nelson returned from Afghanistan with a Meritorious Service Medal. He enrolled in professional military education (PME) at the Squadron Officer School where he was nominated for the Commandant's Leadership Award, and ranked #8 among 556 Captains.

Faerber outlined his commitment to term limits and bringing the Secretary of State's Office into the 21st Century. Faerber said, "We need a fresh set of eyes to review all of the policies and practices within the Secretary of State's Office. It is time to get rid of the bureaucratic red tape and government inefficiencies that stifle small business growth. Right now, we have career politicians and bureaucrats running our state government, setting up roadblocks to entrepreneurship and economic development in our state for the sake of bureaucratic processes. The Office of the Secretary of State must always put citizen's needs first and that begins with getting government out of the way and making the office serve the people again.".

I wrote about Faerber back in 2008 when he was described as Clemson’s Special Teams Dynamo.

“This is something I have been working toward for a long time,” Faerber told TigerNet. “I believe I have a set of skills and I believe I can make a difference in that seat for the state of South Carolina. The reason I am interested in that seat is because I have an interest in new and emerging technologies in American government. Oftentimes as consumers, we have these comforts that make life easy. But a lot of these technologies have not transferred to citizen services. I believe I am at an age where I understand new and emerging technologies and how they benefit us as a citizen just like they benefit us as a consumer. We are going to canvas this entire state and get my message out – this is who I am and this is my resume. If you find me qualified to work for you, then vote for me. But only vote for me if you would hire me to work for you and find me qualified. That is what a public servant is and I think I can make a difference for them.”

To learn more about Faerber’s candidacy or to volunteer/donate, please visit his website.

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