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Username: tigerman92  tmail Member Since: 2004-12-04
Email: tigerman92@charter.net
Date Posted:05-08-2021 8:02 PM
Location:T [Map]
FOR SALE : Ga v Clemson game included for Charlotte. 4 LOWER Level season tickets in Sec T, row W. $1250ea. Located in Greenville. Option to purchase the season tickets in future years.
Username: tigerpark  tmail Member Since: 2001-05-16
Email: joeglenn@charter.net
Date Posted:05-08-2021 3:29 PM
Location:UQ [Map]
FOR SALE : Four season tickets in North Stands Lower Deck, section UQ row N and O seats 1 and 3 for sale. These seats are in the seat equity $800/tickets section. $4,720 for the four tickets. I can have seat backs added for $55/seat.
Username: NativeTigerFan  tmail Member Since: 2007-10-28
Email: avbrawl@g.clemson.edudonor logo
Date Posted:05-08-2021 10:31 AM
Location:UI [Map]
FOR SALE : 2, 3 or 4 tickets (together) in LOWER SOUTH Section UI. Panoramic view of the field. $1500 per pair (or $750 each). Please email or text with interest.
Username: sanwt  tmail Member Since: 2003-12-26
Email: newtonsandt@bellsouth.net
Date Posted:05-07-2021 4:55 PM
Location:TDO [Map]
FOR SALE : TDO - Row G - Seats 2,4,6 - on the aisle - 2nd row behind the portal - easy access to concessions, restrooms, etc. - 1 parking pass - ASKING $2500.00 for the package - Half now and half when the tickets come - Great Seats! 864-324-4562 - Parking Pass probably in STI or Brooks Center lot Read more: https://www.tigernet.com/view/my_ads.do#ixzz6uDMUWSRT
Username: ThePledge  tmail Member Since: 2004-04-04
Email: CUTigerfan33@yahoo.com
Phone: 8033518867
Date Posted:05-07-2021 2:02 PM
Location:W [Map]
FOR SALE : 4 tickets in west end zone row S. Great seats. Easy access to concessions and bathrooms. Shaded by early afternoon. Family member not able to attend due to cancer treatments so sitting this season out. $2200. Text or email preferred.
Username: jrpon  tmail Member Since: 2002-09-05
Email: june@alumni.clemson.edu
Phone: 864-903-5959
Date Posted:05-07-2021 11:07 AM
Location:R [Map]
FOR SALE : *** SOLD **** I did not renew my football tickets this year, deadline last Friday. The Athletic office called me today to make sure I didn't forget to renew. I told them multiple reasons it was not working out for me to keep them. They said they would hold them through today in case I change my mind. So if you know someone who would want to get the whole package, they would have to buy through me and I would provide the buyer's phone number as tickets are sent electronically. I got these seats before upper deck was built Section R, Row V, Seats 17 & 19, Parking in East Beach on the Seneca side (or 2nd 3rd choice still on Seneca side) That is 19 rows up on about the 20 yard line on visitors side near west end so the sun hits your right ear. Price is $1520 for Iptay and $608 for 2 tickets to all home games = $2128 ; that includes the employee discount of $332 . (If I let these seats go, then the new season ticket owner will be paying more than $1700 just for the Iptay fee for seat & parking priority and $760 for the 2 tickets.) If you know anyone interested, just pass this along. Thanks, June . MUST CALL as this is last minute.
Username: CTC (alias) Member Since: 2012-07-31
Email: charlestonticketcompanyllc@gmail.com
Date Posted:05-07-2021 10:43 AM
Location:F [Map]
FOR SALE : Will buy season tickets at cost seat equity + ticket costs as well as parking. Offers must include option to purchase tickets for Georgia game. At this time only looking for premium seats (between the 30's). Payment up front, no hassle. Email if interested in selling. charlestonticketcompanyllc@gmail.com
Username: Tiger In Waynesboro GA (alias) Member Since: 2009-09-09
Email: jason_mckerley@yahoo.comdonor logo
Phone: 706 871 0479
Date Posted:05-07-2021 12:45 AM
Location:TDD [Map]
FOR SALE : Home side (South) TDD (Upper Deck Section D)....Row M.....seats 1 and 3.....these seats are side by side and are on the aisle. A PARKING PASS will be included in either Lot 16, Seneca Meadows (SCM), or Lot C1....$1400 obo....$200 down.....please call, text, or email with questions.

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