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Username: jindalr  Member Since: 2007-01-04
Email: jindalr@yahoo.com
Date Posted:2016-07-28
Ad Text:WANTED : need 4 tickets, lower deck only (North side preferred). I live in Greenville and can meet to exchange cash. Please e-mail me with what you have. I'm a '92 Alum. GO TIGERS!
Username: mtiger55  Member Since: 2007-09-21
Email: mtiger5555@yahoo.com
Date Posted:2016-07-25
Ad Text:FOR SALE : 2 tickets for the Clemson / South Carolina Football Game. Seats are in section R in the LOWER NORTH STANDS. 15 rows up from the field. Email: mtiger5555@yahoo.com
Username: tigerfan8333  Member Since: 2006-03-21
Email: tigerfan2828@gmail.com
Date Posted:2016-07-25
Ad Text:FOR SALE : 2 Tickets to the SC game Lower Deck section R asking $200 per ticket or best offer. Please email me if interested.
Username: Kingtiger1982  Member Since: 2010-04-15
Email: mikek@palfin.net
Date Posted:2016-07-24
Ad Text:FOR SALE : Best 4 seats in WZC...Sec 108, Row A, seats 1,2,3,4.... $1,000 ea Total : $4,000 locker key access...
Username: flanny  Member Since: 2003-12-02
Email: flannyjam@gmail.com
Phone: 757-592-5262
Date Posted:2016-07-24
Ad Text:FOR SALE : For Sale: Six (6) tickets in sec K row D with Lot 2A parking pass for USC game. $2500. Please call John if interested. 757-592-5262.
Username: vfoley89  Member Since: 2014-09-11
Email: vfoley89@gmail.com
Date Posted:2016-07-22
Ad Text:WANTED : Need 6 tickets to the South Carolina game. Please email me: vfoley89@gmail.com
Username: PBCTiger  Member Since: 2012-10-31
Email: hrcloninger@aol.com
Date Posted:2016-07-18
Username: ptrepag  Member Since: 2002-07-31
Email: ptrepag@alumni.clemson.edu
Date Posted:2016-07-15
Ad Text:WANTED : Tiger living in New Orleans who needs 5 tickets to SC game in lower seats (but not in SC section).
Username: kozlow  Member Since: 2016-07-15
Email: kristin@kozlowski.com
Date Posted:2016-07-15
Ad Text:WANTED : I am looking to purchase 4 tickets to the November 26th, 2016 game against the SC Gamecocks. We are coming from California to visit our son who goes to Clemson, over Thanksgiving. I can be reached at Kristin@Kozlowski.com or 916-952-9827. Thanks
Username: nathan the tiger  Member Since: 2011-06-18
Email: nbutts0@gmail.com
Phone: 843-540-6556
Date Posted:2016-06-07
Ad Text:WANTED : Looking for 2 tickets to Clemson v South Carolina game. Call/text 843-540-6556 or email nbutts0@gmail.com
Username: clemsoncid_6  Member Since: 2016-05-18
Email: cid_6@msn.com
Date Posted:2016-05-18
Ad Text:WANTED : Looking for 2 tickets to USC game. Will be first college football experience for my high-school aged son. Hoping he'll fall in love with Clemson the way I did and want to go there in a couple of years!
Username: cutigers1996  Member Since: 2016-05-17
Email: beidler@verizon.net
Date Posted:2016-05-17
Ad Text:WANTED : Looking for 4 tickets to South Carolina game on November 26th.

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