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Username: CaseyKasey   Member Since: 2007-05-24
Email: jcd826@gmail.com
Phone: 864-349-1093
Date Posted:02-19-2017 7:30 AM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : Wanting 4 tickets to the Florida State Game. Would like lower stands North side. Need to know before Saturday Feb. 26th as these will be a wedding gift and we're leaving for Florida March 1st. Thanks
Username: CUAllTheWay   Member Since: 2008-01-16
Email: bhicks3121@bellsouth.net
Date Posted:02-14-2017 3:42 PM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : I am looking for 5 tickets for this year's game versus Auburn. Three are for my girlfriend, her daughter and myself. The other two are for two frends visiting from Birmingham. So, a set of five or a set of 3 and a set of 2 will work. Lower stands are preferred. TIA
Username: Biggone01   Member Since: 2015-06-15
Email: dtreece222@yahoo.com
Phone: 3363287091
Date Posted:02-04-2017 10:21 AM
Location:US [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : Looking for two tickets to the Auburn game...in south lower stands
Username: winkler61   Member Since: 2016-01-15
Email: thomas.haslam@scana.com
Phone: 8647107069
Date Posted:01-25-2017 7:13 AM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : Wanted = 4 tickets to the Ga Tech game. Reasonably priced.
Username: clemsondjm   Member Since: 2006-10-22
Email: davidmcmann88@gmail.com
Phone: 864-933-7267
Date Posted:01-20-2017 3:20 PM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : Dabo's Ladies Clinic 2017 Tickets - looking for 2 for my wife and daughter - sold out on line with minutes and did not check for them until the next day. So Ladies, if you purchased 2 and cannot go, message me and I will take them off your hands for the ladies in our home. Thanks.

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