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Username: Obed   Member Since: 2013-05-06
Email: pjtnospam@gmail.com
Date Posted:02-21-2017 12:32 PM
Location:S [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : I'm looking at the postings on here, and I would like to make a request. Could everyone post their asking price in American dollars? Based on the amounts I'm seeing, it looks like most of you are doing Pesos or Yen or something. Thanks!
Username: tigerroar75   Member Since: 2005-07-13
Email: hittingforthecycle@gmail.com
Date Posted:02-20-2017 9:17 PM
Location:O [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : 2 excellent aisle seats in section O, 4 rows down from the portal, $1500 per ticket.
Username: smitty1959   Member Since: 2012-02-15
Email: dereksmith1959@msn.com
Date Posted:02-19-2017 7:11 PM
Location:P [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : ....SOLD....2 awesome seats for 2017 season. Section P, Row G, Seats 1 and 3 (aisle seats = easy in and out). Asking $3000.
Username: Craiggalloway   Member Since: 2014-09-15
Email: Craig_galloway@att.net
Date Posted:02-18-2017 9:56 PM
Location:UE [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : 6 tickets on the 40 yd line on the south side asking 1500 each, serious inquires only, text me if you are interested.
Username: TigerGrad'93   Member Since: 2001-11-05
Email: tiger1993grad@yahoo.com
Date Posted:02-17-2017 8:34 AM
Location:N [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : FOR SALE: Two 2017 Season tickets surrounded by long time IPTAY members; great group of Clemson fans. $1200 each. Lower Deck Section N row JJ Odd Numbered (towards 50 yard line from aisle). Please TMail if interested.
Username: soxcubs   Member Since: 2013-07-22
Email: eljcubs@gmail.com
Date Posted:02-16-2017 4:01 PM
Location:UF [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : Season Tickets on the 50 Yard Line! 2 Seats together on the 50 yard line in the South Stands in the Lower Deck just above the Portal. Seats are in the Shade the entire game. Some of the Best Seats in the House. $1,500 each.
Username: jwendell   Member Since: 2008-03-23
Email: jwendell@embarqmail.com
Phone: 864-378-4284
Date Posted:02-15-2017 9:51 PM
Location:D [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : I have 3 upper deck tickets 40 yd. along with an area parking pass for 800.00 each.
Username: bpolen   Member Since: 2000-10-01
Email: brian.polen@gmail.com
Phone: 4802823625
Date Posted:02-15-2017 9:45 PM
Location:US [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : I have 2 tickets located in Section Q Row N. These tickets are located on the 35-40 yard line in the North Lower Deck. Looking for 2600 for the 2 tickets with half paid upfront and half when the tickets arrive.

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