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Brownell proud of his team despite mounting losses

  by David Hood - Senior Writer - Tuesday, March 12, 2013 9:56 PM

CLEMSON -- Many Clemson fans have moved on to spring football and baseball, with basketball merely an afterthought in the minds of many after losses in nine of the last 10 games, six straight losses and a No. 11 seeding – the lowest ever for a Clemson team – in this week’s ACC Tournament.

However, Clemson head coach Brad BrownellBrad Brownell
Head Coach
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said Tuesday that he thinks his team hasn’t given up on the season, and might surprise some people in the tournament. The Tigers, likely out of any postseason play barring a miracle run in the tournament, take on Florida State in the 9 p.m. Thursday night in the opening round of the ACC Tournament in Greensboro, N.C.

Brownell said his team has had some heartbreaking close losses in the past month, but points to Saturday’s loss at regular season champion Miami as evidence that his team hasn’t given up.

“I don’t know if the schedule has gotten difficult at times. Our home games have come against really hard teams – teams that are playing well and you maybe have to play a little bit better and we haven’t been able to close it,” Brownell said during his press conference Tuesday. “If our guys hadn’t of fought as hard as they have, I could understand where somebody could say they’ve given in. But we just played the first-place team in the league, who are playing to win the league.

“They just lost to Georgia Tech so they didn’t play as well or hard that night. And we really (had) nothing to play for – zero, I mean 10-seed, 11-seed – does it really matter? It’s 25-all at half. Our starting center is in foul trouble on the bench and we’re just grinding. We’re not good enough to win because the offensive drought came in the second half and got us. Our guys were fighting and scratching and I think we’ve done that by in large most games.”

He then said that this has been the most challenging season of his 13 years as a head coach as the staff tries to figure out which lineup combination will work on any given night, especially on a team without a proven scorer.

“You’re constantly figuring out who’s playing well,” Brownell said. “Do we need to play faster? Do we need to play slower? Do we need to run more sets? Do we need to let them go? You question everything,” Brownell said. “Some coaches may get up here and say ‘We are just doing it the way we do it and that is the way we do it.’ I just haven’t been able to figure it out with this group.”

Brownell said he was proud of his team despite the sudden downturn over the last month.

“I’m not ashamed with the way this team has competed,” Brownell said. “We just have not been good enough and I have not been able to find a way to help them win and that’s on me.”

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Front Page Story: Brownell proud of his team despite mounting losses
TigerNet News®
he senses his time is limited....
The guy with the broken leg has been practicing for 2 months
The "worst seed" thing is silly.
Shhhh, don't try to educate the idiots who clearly don't
Brownell senses that his time is limited due to women's
You read it
I like Brownell a lot, but successful coaches at Clemson
The only people that will be surprised are the ones that are
sorry the reply was supposed to be under the main subject :)***
Re: he senses his time is limited....
Ya'll are stupid-Sound like Coots back in the day
Re: Front Page Story: Brownell proud of his team despite mounting losses
Re: Front Page Story: Brownell proud of his team despite mounting losses
Clemson fans are the ones who throw guys under the bus
Let me fix that for ya
Agreed, we live in a world that constantly looks to lay
Re: Agreed, we live in a world that constantly looks to lay
Last year we were 8-8 in the ACC
Re: Agreed, we live in a world that constantly looks to lay
Re: Agreed, we live in a world that constantly looks to lay
Right now we don't have a true, go-to point guard.
Re: Front Page Story: Brownell proud of his team despite mounting losses
Brownells recruiting just makes no sense
i agree 100%***
his system needs players that traditionally we haven't been
Clemson also has no size
big men are the hardest position to recruit as well
Re: Clemson also has no size-Nnoko is only 6'11"***
I'd argue he is recruiting that way
Re: I'd argue he is recruiting that way
Exactly, and how have they accoplished it
Oh really?
Prime T. Tiger
you can see the frustration over all his face this yr
Indeed. I have no issue with him not hiding it well
I've got no issue with him not hiding it either
And I believe that's the main point
By AND large. Not by in large. Not by enlarge.

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