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Username: haydencopesc   Member Since: 2011-08-10
Email: jhaydenmd@gmail.com
Date Posted:01-16-2017 10:06 AM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : Looking for two tickets in the WEST ZONE CLUB for 2017 season. Thanks.
Username: THS Athlete 50   Member Since: 2005-08-16
Email: kgrubb@g.clemson.edu
Phone: 3363027605
Date Posted:01-15-2017 1:53 PM
Location:TDN [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : Two season tickets section - TDN row M (35 yard line) - $2500 obo.
Username: MPATiger   Member Since: 2012-11-09
Email: DavidGarnerMPA@gmal.com
Phone: 8646172932
Date Posted:01-14-2017 6:30 PM
Location:TDP [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : I have 2 season tickets for 2017 season for sale. They are TDP or better. Asking $1000 a piece or best offer. Text if interested.
Username: firework   Member Since: 2013-03-19
Email: joeymccrary69@yahoo.com
Phone: 864 848
Date Posted:01-13-2017 5:14 PM
Location:O [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : At the moment I have 10 tickets all together in Section O on the visitors side and they are great seats on the 48 yard line Aisle seats FF 2 4 6 8 and row EE seat 2 4 6 10 and 12 call JOEY at 864 848 3833
Username: laysman33   Member Since: 2007-08-10
Email: laysman33@mindspring.com
Date Posted:01-13-2017 9:01 AM
Location:UG [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : Selling two 2017 Clemson Football season tickets. Tickets are located in section UG, lower level, south stands. The seats are in the shade all year!! Asking $1,500 each, with half due now and the other half due at delivery. Email with questions. Thanks! Go Tigers!
Username: tiger_cop02   Member Since: 2008-10-01
Email: jbruder@sc.rr.com
Date Posted:01-12-2017 9:32 PM
Location:X [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : 2 Season Tickets for 2017 for sale... They are Lower Deck, West End Zone, Sec X, easy in and out of the stadium, near concessions and restrooms, and usually in the shade by 2:00. Asking $2250 for the pair. PayPal preferred and will priority ship when tickets received in August.
Username: GoTigers (alias) Member Since: 2016-01-01
Email: gotigers81@att.net
Phone: 8643034440
Date Posted:01-12-2017 11:47 AM
Location:I [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : I have two sets of LL season tickets for 2017 available for sale. They are located in the following sections: 1) I; Row FF, 2 seats 2) UM; Row V (under overhang), 2 seats I am asking $1500/ticket If interested please text or email me to reserve your seats. Thanks!
Username: SBClemson93 (alias) Member Since: 2017-01-05
Email: Sbs41715@gmail.com
Phone: 864-320-4983
Date Posted:01-09-2017 7:16 PM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : Need 2. $3000 cash for both. Call me.

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