WATCH: Tailgating for Tigers - Louisville Edition

by - Assoc. Editor -

Video Description: We followed Clemson’s and Louisville’s Mayor’s lead and decided to let Louisville Fans sample Clemson Blue Cheese and see if we could snag a swig of their famous bourbon, which even Clemson Santa/Santa Paws gets involved to help with! Louisville Fans were great folks and likewise expressed their appreciation of Clemson. Again, all in fun to highlight the great things Clemson fans are doing. Likewise, Clemson is a major force in helping Tigers to rebound in the wild. Wild Tigers numbers actually increased last year from around 3200 – 3900, the first time there has been an increase in over a century!

Thanks Tiger fans’ for your overwhelming support with helping to get the bipartisan, anti-poaching bill passed in the House. Now the Bill is waiting to be passed by the Senate, so here is the link for Tiger fans to again help the effort to protect our mascot:

Remember, that Terrorist groups are using endangered species parts to fund their organizations, so in turn this is a cost effective method to help make our mascot, the world, and America safer. Thanks for your support and Go Tigers!

Also here the link to T4T website:

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