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Orange Bowl tickets selling faster than expected

by Tony Crumpton - Associate Editor - Thursday, December 12, 2013 8:50 AM

Ticket sales for the latest Orange Bowl have been selling faster than anticipated because of a strong bowl matchup.

Several media outlets have the Orange Bowl ranked as the second most exciting game of the Bowl season behind only the BCS National championship game.

Clemson and Ohio State will split 35,000 tickets to sell themselves.

“From a ticket standpoint, the goal from our end is that the tickets are sold out [before teams get their tickets]. That hasn’t been the case, but this year we’ve gotten very close, we’re down to about 1,000 available seats,” Mr. Hughes said.

“We’re in good shape relative to the last few Orange Bowls and we’re well ahead of the pace that we forecasted and well ahead of where we’ve been recently,” he said.

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