Andre Young named to All-Star team

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Photo by papi_dre

Andre Young plays for Den Bosch in Holland.

10/7/2012Den BoschZwolle71-62 37105-90-20-0145104032
10/13/2012Den BoschWeert95-86 28224-51-311-11022104000
10/18/2012Den BoschLeeuwarden79-75 38113-70-25-710194024
10/24/2012Den BoschM.Magixx77-68 35215-63-52-311272025
11/1/2012Den BoschDen Helder K.73-54 35104-60-22-203351012
11/4/2012Den BoschAmsterdam82-63 29113-61-32-203372073
11/8/2012Den BoschRotterdam111-64 27163-42-44-400051011
11/11/2012Den BoschWeert88-66 31104-50-42-2224112022
11/17/2012Den BoschLeiden59-64 34203-44-92-201123052
11/22/2012Den BoschGroningen64-68 35122-61-55-602241015
11/25/2012Den BoschRotterdam95-46 1842-60-00-012350022
12/1/2012Den BoschLeeuwarden98-60 27172-44-51-201161033
12/6/2012Den BoschAmsterdam85-56 2541-70-42-211241011
12/8/2012Den BoschGroningen80-76 30143-51-25-614574001
12/16/2012Den BoschLeiden95-93 40202-24-84-710154013
12/20/2012Den BoschZwolle86-84 3291-31-44-6235110043
12/22/2012Den BoschDen Helder K.64-79 3493-51-30-013432022
1/6/2013Den BoschM.Magixx94-60 3092-71-32-2044122020
1/10/2013Den BoschZwolle90-62 28202-35-61-213490043
1/12/2013Den BoschWeert92-87 36174-42-63-504473020
1/16/2013Den BoschM.Magixx104-85 32263-74-48-1006672062
1/26/2013Den BoschLeiden70-80 32174-71-46-701161003
2/3/2013Den BoschDen Helder K.82-66 35144-51-13-512351043
2/14/2013Den BoschGroningen83-75 33224-72-38-903332012
2/17/2013Den BoschM.Magixx96-78 32207-81-43-314591010
2/21/2013Den BoschRotterdam84-64 23145-71-41-114553041
2/28/2013Den BoschWeert87-65 2530-31-50-002261032
3/3/2013Den BoschAmsterdam105-68 25144-62-50-002231022

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