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Clemson football coach Dabo SwinneyDabo Swinney
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was asked at Wednesday's ACC media teleconference about autograph investigations at other schools (Georgia, Texas A&M, FSU, etc) and how they have been addressed those situations at Clemson.

"It's not just that. Good Lord, there's 50 million things that can get you in trouble. But we constantly just try to challenge our guys to do what's right. It's really that simple," said Swinney.

"We challenge them every day, all year long, to make good decisions. We cover all of these topics numerous times throughout the year, not just as a football program, but our compliance department as well, the things they have to do over there throughout the year. But there's so many things that you don't control as a coach.At the end of the day you just have to challenge your guys, Hey, listen, do what's right. There's rules that we all have to follow."

"Whether you like them or not really doesn't matter. We have to follow the rules. When you don't, there's consequences, whether it's a coach not following the rules or a player not following the rules. There's consequences that come with that. We try to be proactive. Everybody is going to learn from their own experience. That's for sure. That's the way it is, life."

"You touch a hot stove and get burned, guess what, you're going to learn from your own experience. Wise people learn from other's experiences. We try to take every opportunity that we get, whether it's where somebody has done something that's not smart at some other school and we try to take that opportunity to say, All right, guys, here's what happened over here, let's learn from this, okay? Let's make sure that we all understand what can happen if you make a bad decision."

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