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talked to the media on Tuesday to preview the upcoming Clemson-Syracuse game.

- Good to be back home after a nice trip up to Boston. We always enjoy Homecoming & activities that come with it.

- Syracuse has had tough losses to good teams. They're coming off their best game of the season.

- You better be on your A game with targeting guys and understand what the call is. They bring pressure all over the place. We wanna score or kick for a score. If not, we want to move it so they will have to go 80.

- Its how we play. Its based on how we practice through the week. Our focus is to continue to improve. We taking it one game at a time. Its about how the Tigers prepare and practice this week.

- Everybody is back at practice this week from this past weekend other than Choice and Leggett. We've have added Martin Jenkins as well.

- On QB A.J. Long: “He’s got a gunslinger’s mentality. He’s not a big guy, but he plays big.”

- We still plan on scoring a lot of points. We expect our offense to produce.

- We created field position last week. We did an excellent job winning the field position battle.

- The reality is we played some good defenses.

- We have transitioned a little offensively as a work in progress. Our job is to win. We have all we need to produce at a high level.

- I know for us our team understands how hard it is to win. I don't care who it is. If you go with that mindset, you get beat. Fans may do that, but that's why they're sitting in the stands.

- Its about how not who. We don't spend a lot of time on the opponent. We respect every opponent but do not get caught up on what their records are. Let's practice and go play to a standard. They have won a bunch of games because of that mentality.

- This team is dangerous in my opinion. They are fast, aggressive and physical. Respect them as much as anyone they've played.

- On Clemson's OL: They are having fun. We are getting a lot out of those guys. They are giving us everything they have. Really proud of them. Crowder is a guy that is improving. We just do not have a lot of people right now. We have help on the way. They practice the right way. They played some really good people and battle tested. Just keep on plugging.

- On Clemson's injuries: "You do this long enough, you see seasons like this with the injuries. That's just football. That's why you recruit & develop your roster. Its not like the NFL. It is important to develop your roster. We do not just rep two guys. We have a lot of time developing. You just never know. The cumulative effect will pay off. We have all we need. We have recruited well. We are good enough to win.

- Beasley is a special talent and plays with a high motor.

- Dye was back at practice last week and looked good. We didn't tackle him or anything like that. This week the doctors have cut him loose. That was the plan last week. From that standpoint, the timing could not be any better with losing excellent player in Adam Choice. Now he can get those reps. He is not going to be a guy who will execute the entire package. He practiced a few days in Fall camp. He has been in meetings and understands concepts but doing it is a different deal. i have to see him in pads and see how he responds. We have been very cautious with him.

- On Artavis Scott: He's not a guy that's just happy to go out and play. He wants to be a great player. He is a 190 pound guy. He is not big or short. He is a normal guy (football size). He is bigger and taller than Jacoby Ford. He is a much better receiver as a freshman. He is a much more polished guy that understands the bigger picture. It is a credit to him. He does the little things it takes.

- On Kick off return: We have to get better. We have to improve. We have to look at some things schematically & personnel wise. I feel really good about T.J. Green.

- On Cole Stoudt: He had some big throws. He was very engaged in the game plan that the week before. So he performed a lot better. Had some miscues and some things he needs to correct and I think he will. He played with good leadership, poise. He had a heck of a day against a good defense. He made some really good plays in critical situations. Did a nice job for us.

- Deshaun is the starter and will be back when he is healthy. His rehab is good. He is throwing a NERF football left-handed. He is much better than last Monday. We feel really good about his future. We will see where he is at.

- We have always had the wildcat package. I am not going to get into specifics of plans in the press conference.

- It's a great privilege to coach guys that go on to success. I'm proud of all those guys.

- Darrell Smith working for SLED. Not many guys get to work for them right after school.

- Its fun to watch guys in the NFL. Something we take pride in. They all stay in touch. I texted with Martavis last night and told him I was proud of him.

- I talked to Spiller yesterday and he gonna be OK after surgery. I told him at least it was a 53 yard gain but a tackle for loss with a broken collarbone.

- I wanted to be 7-0 but only thing I can do is be 6-2. We are just trying to be the best that we can be. We have certainly competed our tails off. I am really proud of that. They have shown up and played. We found a way to lose a few ball games and now it seems like we finding way to win a few ball games.

- I think we are a very good team.

- Its a fun group to coach that are about the right things and respond. Its been impressive to see how they responded after FSU loss.

- College football every year is crazy. Its very hard to maintain consistency in your performance. You are dealing with young people. There are a lot of variables with that. There is a lot of fun with it. Anything can happen. Thats why you have to stay focus on each opponent.

- On question if this is Clemson's best defense: We'll see in December. We got a lot of ball left to be played. We only in the third quarter of our season. I think this is definitely the most complete defense at all three levels. They are fast and physical and like to play. We have excellent competition.

- On Florida fans booing Will Muschamp: They can chant all they want. I know Muschamp is an excellent coach. I do not know what is going on so I can not speak on that. I do know he is a heck of a coach.

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