Rules changes for the 2013 season that you need to know

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GREENSBORO, N.C.- The head of ACC football officials, Doug Rhoads, met with media Monday morning at the ACC Football Kickoff to discuss the NCAA rules changes that will take effect this season.

Below is a summary of the changes:

1.) Injuries: If an injury occurs during the final minute of a half or the game, and the injury is the only reason for the stoppage in play the offended team has the option of a ten second run-off. The offended team can, however, refuse the run-off. Also, if the offending team has a timeout, they can use that timeout to avoid the run-off. If both teams have injuries, there is no run-off. If there are less than 10 seconds on the clock at the end of a half or the game, and there is a 10-second runoff the game is over by rule.

2.) Spiking the ball: There must be three seconds or more on the clock at the end of a half or the game in order for a team to spike the ball and stop the clock. If there is 2.9 seconds or less on the clock, the team must run a play and cannot stop the clock by spiking the ball. If the ball is snapped with 2.9 seconds on the clock or less and the ball is spiked, the game will be deemed over.

3.) Targeting and initiating with the crown of the helmet: The rule in and of itself has not changed, the difference is in the penalty. Both of these fouls now require an automatic ejection. If the foul occurs during the first half, the player will remain ineligible for the remainder of the contest; however, if the foul occurs during the second half, the player will be ineligible for the first half of the next game. If the foul occurs during the second half of the last regular seasons game, the ejection will carry over into the championship game, the bowl game or the first game of the next season.

4.) Targeting a defenseless player: There are nine types of players that can are considered to be defenseless and a player cannot hit them above the shoulders. If this occurs, the player will be automatically ejected.

5.) Illegal crack-back block: An illegal crack-back block is a block below the waist. Players outside the tacklebox (more than seven yards out) or a player in motion cannot block another player below the waist until after the ball is snapped and significant time has run off the clock. After time has run off the clock, any player may be blocked below the waist as long as the blocking player is in front of the player being blocked or is within a 10 o’clock to 2 o’clock zone.

TigerNet will run a more in-depth story on the rules changes later this week, along with videos from the ACC office.

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Football Update: Rules changes for the 2013 season that you need to know
TigerNet News
What inspired the spike rule? I think that's a stupid one.***
So, crackback blocks are illegal except for noon games?***
Georgia Tech is exempt of course.***
Spike rule is stupid
Changes play calling during the 2 minute drill***
will the injury rule be called the LSU rule?***
Memphis Tiger®
Except, they WANTED the clock to keep running
Re: Except, they WANTED the clock to keep running
Memphis Tiger®
Spike Rule is a significant change If no TOs under 20 second
Edit: Aaron Muray is pleased with this new rule***
The ACC, in a joint announcement with ESPN, also confirmed
Good, now we have something to cite
Re: Football Update: Rules changes for the 2013 season that you need to know
You can still run a play...just can't spike it.
You are reading the rule correctly
This is ridiculous
Not exactly
In five years, you will only be able to tackle with the arms
GT is crack back U and will get away with it because, PJ***
Re: Football Update: Better Rules
Francis Marion®
ALL HAIL FRANCIS MARION...Rule # 8: thumbs up.***
Rule #9? Does an old, disabled, WWII vet get three tickets?
You guys think this is the last round of rule changes?
Completely Solid Orange®
Re: You guys think this is the last round of rule changes?

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