Historic Clemson Photos #6

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I'm pleased to present today's Historic Clemson Photo. This year we have done a lot of work on organizing and tagging all of our photos and getting them into our new gallery system. As I was starting to work on some of the historic photos, mostly submitted by long time TigerNet member Mintaka®, I thought it would be fun to re-post some of them, since it has been quite a while since they were first posted. Mintaka has graciously allowed me to re-post these, along with his comments on each.

These historic posts will each have a sponsor with a very brief video message. After playing, the update and photos will replace the video. As you know, we have never charged for content since starting the site in 1995, but with the site as large as it is, we need to explore other ways to support the site and our families.
Thank you very much, and enjoy! --Crump and B-Meist

P.S. Please send any historic photos you would like to share to webmaster@tigernet.com

On November 4 1979, President Jimmy Carter found himself facing a humiliating crisis that would soon grow into a huge political problem, as 300 radical students, calling themselves Imam's Disciples in reverence to Ayatollah Khomeini, stormed the American Embassy in Tehran, Iran.

Swarming over the walls and climbing the gates, the students poured into the acres of grounds of
the Embassy in central Tehran, rounding up 66 American hostages - men, women, Marines,
consular staff, whoever they could find. The event quickly became the top news story for all the
news organizations in the US as the crowds outside the Embassy burned the stars and stripes and
shouted "Die America".

Eventually some of the hostages were released but the remaining 52 hostages were soon paraded
blindfolded before the world's television cameras as the American public stood back and watched

Today's photo is of Steve Durham in the 1979 Peach Bowl with the towel that says "Free USA
Hostages" as the players show their support for the 52 American hostages taken captive in Iran.

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