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I'm pleased to present today's Historic Clemson Photo, submitted by long time TigerNet member Mintaka®.

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Thank you very much, and enjoy! --Crump and B-Meist

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Today we'll look at a major sport of the 30s and 40s. Boxing. The photo above is of a Clemson boxer by the name of Brown back in 1942. Apparently Brown was up against the VPI Conference Champ by the name of Andrews. After a slow couple of rounds at the start, our man Brown took over and won the fight. This was highlight of the 1942 season as our Tigers didn't do as well as they have done in past seasons. Perhaps this was due to the start of the war, as our boxing team was missing some key fighters that season.

These matches would take place at Fike Field House, usually after a basketball game, and were very popular. This photo above shows the announcer and referee. Now, imagine how great that would be. You're at a basketball game in Fike, and when it's over they entertain you with a couple of boxing matches.

By the way, during the 1942 season the boxing coach was Walter Cox.

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