Willy Korn Interview Transcript

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How did you get to be a Bengals fan?

“I am kinda down right now, but they have to start somewhere. My entire family comes from Columbus, Ohio. Everyone lives and dies by the Bengals every Sunday. I am actually a Cleveland Indians fans, too.”

How are things looking for baseball season over at Byrnes?

“It is going really good. We got a new coach, Chris Carter. He played at Clemson and in the minors. I play shortstop. I used to play AAU, but it so tough with passing leagues.”

What quarterbacks really impressed you in the passing leagues you attended?

“I went down to Hoover, and I went against Mitch Mustain. He can really put some zip on the short passes, and I thought he was really good. There was some other really good quarterbacks, you get to see.”

What was your biggest improvement this season?

“The biggest improvement was reading defenses. I would go in on Saturdays and Sundays, and go over film with Coach Bentley. I want to get my arm stronger and improve my accuracy.”

What is like playing for Coach Bentley?

“Me and Coach Bentley are really close. We are always trying to get things set up with receivers. We are working to get receivers to go out and throw with me right now.”

What is your goal for next season?

“Team goal every year is the state championship year in and year out. Individual goals is I just want to make everyone around me better. We are losing 38 seniors, so a lot people do not think we can do it again. We can, but we have to start right now.”

You are always one of the first ones in endzone on a touchdown, where do you get that enthusiasm?

“I get real excited scoring, because you never know when it will be your last time scoring.”

Talk about your ability to make throws on the run:

“It is one of my real advantages of being quarterback. I can move around and still make accurate throws. Repetitions in the summer, you know where guys are gonna be. It starts right now, and you can’t take any days off.”

What do you want to work on personally?

“My arm strength has really improved from my sophomore year to my junior year. My sophomore year I was completing the fade routes, but this year I was overthrowing them, because my arm was stronger and I wasn’t use to it.”

What will be a big adjustment when you get to Clemson?

“I think I understand high school coverages, and I don’t think they are going to get that more complicated. I want to work on arm strength and get as fast as I can, maybe get down to a 4.55.”

Who do you try and imitate from the pro level?

“Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, Brady because he wins, and Manning, the way he reads and manipulates the defense.”

Any chance you go anywhere other than Clemson?

“If things keep going like this, there is no way I am going anywhere else. When other schools start calling, I am just going to have to tell them they are wasted their time.”

Will you enroll in January at Clemson?

“We are not sure yet, but we are going to talk Coach Spence and Coach Bowden. I really want to play my senior season of baseball, but I also really want to graduate and start learning the system. There is no decision yet, but my father and I will sit down and make a decision some time before May.”

Have you finalized the game on ESPN for next year?

“We will have a game on ESPN, but we do not know who the opponent is. We are going up to Ohio to play Kirk Herbstreit’s high school.”

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