Recruiting Board For 12/3

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Mark Paschal has been added to the board at fullback and quarterback Cameron Sexton has been removed from the board.

Here is a look at the recruiting board for the Tigers. A few names the staff is still recruiting are omitted due to privacy issues. Also a player or two will be added later. Also, players could end up at positions other than where they are currently listed. We will update this board for the site daily. Remember this is only a working list for the subscribers of this site.

Clemson Recruiting Board



Returning-Whitehurst Sr., Proctor Jr., Reese Fr., Harper Fr.

Will Sign-None

Current Commitments:


On the Board:




Returning-Coleman Sr., Browning Sr., Merriweather Jr.

Will Sign-2-3

Current Commitments:

Tony Nelson (CL1/14)

On the Board:

James Davis (CL1/14,VT11/26,TN1/21,AL,AUB,GA,AUB)

Mike Davis (KY 12/3,AL1/7,CL1/14,AUB1/21,SC,NC)

Demerick Chancellor (CL1/14,RUT10/29,TN12/10,NCSU)

Bryan Payton (CL,NC,KENTSTATE)

Montero Hardesty (NEB 10/1,VT11/26,TN,NC,CL)

Travil Jamison (CL,SC,Prep School)



Returning-Jackson Sr., Harrell Sr.

Will Sign-0-1

Current Commitments:


On The Board:

Mark Paschal-(NC,CL 1/21)

Wide Receivers


Returning-Baham Sr., Collins Sr., Stuckey Jr., McCloud Jr., Grant Jr., Jefferson So., Harris So., Kelly Fr., Diamonde Fr.

Will Sign-4

Current Commitments:

Rendrick Taylor (CL1/14,FSU1/7,SC1/21,AL)

Tyler Grisham (CL1/14)

Terrell Smith (CL1/14)

TJ Williams (CL1/14)

On the Board:

Carlos Thomas (GT,CL1/7,LSU 1/21)

Derrick McPherson (MD,VT,VA,CL,FL)

Reynaldo Hunter (NCSU,CL,WF,DUKE)

Eron Riley (CL 1/21,DUKE1/14,MD12/10,VY 12/3)

Nick Kyles (CL 1/14,GA,AL,FL)

Tight Ends


Returning-Green So.

Will Sign-2

Current Commitments:

Durrell Barry (CL1/14)

Paul Muse (CL1/14)

On the Board:


Offensive Linemen

Lost-Johnson, Sharpe

Returning-Myrick Sr., Dukes Jr., DeBeer Jr., Frye Jr., Fry Jr., Bennett Jr., Pilgrim So., Richardson So., Capote So., LaTray So., Robinson Fr., Willis Fr., Tremel Fr., Hutchinson Fr.

Will Sign-5

Current Commitments:

Thomas Austin (CL1/14,SC)

Barry Hunphries (CL1/14)

Quentez Ruffin (CL1/14)

Jamarcus Grant (CL1/14)

Cory Lambert (CL1/14)

On the Board

Curtis Crouch (OU10/20,NCSU,CL)

Defensive Ends

Lost-Fountain. Pending-Jamison Sr.

Returning-Bennett Sr., Williamson Fr., Adams Jr., Cannon Jr., Williams So., Littleberry Fr.

Will Sign-2

Current Commitments:

Phillip Merling (CL1/14)

On the Board:

Jonathan Hannah (CL9/3,VT10/1,SC1/14,NC,NCSU,FSU,TN)

Hivera Green (CL1/14,SC,VT)

Michael Adams (OM,CL,LOU)

John Russell (LOU,CL,GT)

Cliff Respress (DUKE,CL,SC,AUB)

Defensive Tackles


Returning-Tate Sr., Groover Sr., Clark Jr., McDuffie So., Jackson Fr., Scott Fr.

Will Sign-Three

Current Commitments:

Jacquez McKissic (CL12/10)

Elsmore Gabriel (CL12/10)

Etta Etta-Tawo (CL1/14)

On the Board:

James McKinley (NEB11/26,OU12/17,CL12/10,MCH,LOU,KY,LSU)

Jerrel King (CL,SC)

Linebackers and Whips

Lost-Hill, Sampson, Richardson

Returning-Duham Sr., R. Nelson Sr., Waters Jr., Billie Jr., Watkins So., Nelson So., Vincent Fr., Pearson Fr.

Will Sign-2-3

Current Commitments:

Josh Miller (CL1/14,SC)

On the Board:

Antonio Clay (OU9/10,GA10/2,MIA11/5,FSU11/20,CL10/26)

Avery Vogt (NCSU12/3,AUB,CL,FSU,MIA)

Eric Houston (NCSU12/3,AUB12/17,CL,FSU,MIA)

Alonzo Higgins (CL,Prep School)

Darrius Dewberry (GA,AUB,CL,FL,Prep School)

Charles Gamble (SC,CL)

Ryan Stamper (AUB Commitment)



Returning-Fudge Sr., Monts Sr., Nolen So., Walker So., Hamlin Fr., Kindred Fr.

Will Sign-1-2

Current Commitments:

Kavell Connor (CL1/14)

On the Board:

Antavious Coates (GA Commitment)

JC Neal (VT11/26,MD12/3,NCSU12/10,SC,CL)

Guesley Dervil (WV12/10,CL1/21,NCSU)


Lost-None Pending-Justin Miller

Returning-Hill Sr., Gilliam Jr., Gaddis So., Croley Fr., Clemens Fr.

Will Sign-3

Current Commitments:

Ramon McElrathbey (CL1/14)

Hadrian Lewis (CL1/14)

On the Board:

Jamie Robinson (FSU1/7,CL,VT,TN)

Jordan Hemby (VT11/26,NCSU,NC,CL,MD)

Trey Simmons (CL1/14,FL,GA,FSU,GT)

Sadat Chambers (CL1/14,SC1/21)

Brandon King (GA12/10,CL,FSU,FL,AUB)



Returning-Chason Jr, Dean Jr.

Will Sign-None

Current Commitments-None

On the Board-None

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