E-Mail Bag: 11/14

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Will the win over FSU officially lock up DeAndre McDaniel?

It certainly will help. This is big cause when FSU makes their push down the stretch, McDaniel will be able to see that not only will he play earlier at Clemson, but that Clemson dominated FSU. McDaniel and his teammate Kareem Crowell will visit Clemson officially on January 13th.

Were you surprised Charlie played the whole game?

I really was. I thought both quarterbacks would have played. In the second quarter, the offense was struggling and I thought Proctor was close to getting his chance. Whitehurst played well, and when healthy he still is the best quarterback on this team.

Is the state of Florida ripe for the picking right now?

It is tough to say that it is ripe for the picking, but it may be close. The University of Miami has a chance to take the state over. With Florida and Florida State down, schools are going to be chomping at the bit in places like Jacksonville and Tallahassee. Clemson has already made good progress in the state of Florida. Last year, they were able to hold off Florida and Florida State for Quentez Ruffin. They beat Florida this year for Kendrick Johnson and beat Florida State for DeAndre McDaniel. They still have to hold onto these players, but now it appears both of those commitments are firm.

Will Clemson take Terrell Smith back?

The chances are more likely now than they were in August. Smith has made some progress and is still a good player. They would not take him as a receiver, and Clemson is almost full at safety. Clemson will take their time with Smith. If Clemson lands Darius Gaither, I think it would difficult to find a spot for Smith.

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