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Davis' coach explains Sunday drama over potential Clemson visit

  by - Senior Writer - Monday, January 23, 2012 5:02 PM

Former Clemson running back James Davis wanted his little brother, Stone Mountain, Ga., running back Mike Davis Mike Davis
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5-10, 195
Stone Mountain, GA

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, to take a visit to Clemson even though his little brother had already given his commitment to the University of South Carolina.

What ensued was a battle over Twitter on Sunday when James Davis tweeted that Clemson head coach Dabo SwinneyDabo Swinney
Head Coach
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sent him a text saying he didn’t want Mike to take the scheduled visit to Clemson next weekend.

"He [Swinney] sent me a text saying he did not want my brother to come on a visit for ect reasons,” Davis wrote on his Twitter page Sunday afternoon. Davis followed that up with unflattering comments towards Swinney – including calling him arrogant - and then said, “I think some ppl missing the point. We just lost by 100 points in a BCS game. We should not be turning anyone away who will make US BETTER!”

TigerNet spoke with Corey Johnson, who handles recruiting at Mike Davis’ Stephenson High School, and he said the whole situation could have been handled better by all parties.

“I don’t think Mike ever really wanted to take a visit,” Johnson said Monday afternoon. “I thought it was more that James wanted him to go and take a visit up there. He committed to South Carolina two weeks before he even came out with it, but Clemson still wanted a visit.”

Johnson said he received a call from Clemson on Sunday saying that the visit was off.

“I got a call yesterday from Clemson’s running backs coach [Tony Elliiott], and he told me the visit was off because Mike was committed to South Carolina and some other stuff. I told him I wasn’t even aware that Mike was coming. Mike, I am quite sure, is fine with where he is right now. I think it was just more a thing of Mike’s brother wanting him to take a visit.”

Johnson said he was pretty sure that a visit to Clemson wouldn’t have changed Mike’s decision.

“Mike had already told both Georgia and Clemson he wasn’t taking anymore visits,” Johnson said. “James wanted him to go up there, but this gave Dabo the opportunity to say, ‘Nah, you picked South Carolina and we are good with that.’ I don’t think they had a chance to get him anyway, and I think they are going in another direction.”

James Davis continued to tweet about the situation into the afternoon, saying, “A call would have been nice but thru a text message just shows no kind of heart!”

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Front Page Story: Davis' coach explains Sunday drama over potential Clemson visit
Re: Front Page Story: Davis' coach explains Sunday drama over potential Clemson visit
What was JD thinking? Posting things to Twitter
This is pure speculation, but
I think both you guys nailed it
James needs to grow up and you need a better hobby than
CM Shack
It's not a hobby, it's how I pass 10 minutes in the morning
Keep stalking...I don't care...***
CM Shack
I'd laugh at your idiocy, but
Plus you don't want to miss a Bieber Tweet...***
CM Shack
Re: Plus you don't want to miss a Bieber Tweet...***
Re: Keep stalking...I don't care...***
Davis got cut because ever since he hurt his shoulder, his
He owed him a phone call
He owed James NOTHING! And James should have stayed the F
CM Shack
James sweat and bled
Re J Davis' stock is in free fall. He needs to can it for
He still made it to the NFL, and what has he done since?
Maybe..but we are dealing with a man committed to #####
Re: Front Page Story: Davis' coach explains Sunday drama over potential Clemson visit
As Usual Things
Says that texting instead of calling shows no heart......
Apparently James was upset at the prospect of Mike being
CM Shack
Re: Front Page Story: Davis' coach explains Sunday drama over potential Clemson visit
I don't think ANYONE including JD should question Dabo's
reminds me of the clowns on here copy and pasting t mails
why would my post remind you of that
wasn't referring to you....was referring to a post I saw
I'm tired of Mike Davis. James Davis too.
Judge Keller
Re: My sentiments exactly.***
Amen. We do not need a coot running interference
So take a nap*****
JD needs to spend his time getting his own s##t together,
^^^^^ding ding ding ding....EXACTLY^^^^^^^^ ^^***
As a professional, Dabo has to recruit blocking out all
NO WAY Dabo should be texting ANYONE about his
I respectfully disagree
Re: NO WAY Dabo should be texting ANYONE about his
JD, we luv ya but ya f-ed up!
This whole ordeal gives me the impression that James and
The rebellious little pr1ck probably get along with no one!***
Re: SO F'IN WHAT?!?!?
Re: SO F'IN WHAT?!?!?
Sounds like this is just James Davis messing up.***
Completely Solid Orange®
Re: Front Page Story: Davis' coach explains Sunday drama over potential Clemson visit
How many total yards did JD get in the pros this year?***
I can't believe JD's attitude ...
Drama Queen tweeting = No Class***
Re: Front Page Story: Davis' coach explains Sunday drama over potential Clemson visit
Dear James:

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