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If this past weekend's game is any further indication of Clemson's mental
state, it's not looking good for the remainder of the season. I would venture
to guess that the odds of Clemson going 0-3 are slightly higher right now than
of going 3-0. To make that stat worse, the teams remaining on the schedule are
all teams Clemson has dominated in our history.

Duke, Virgina, and South Carolina all seem more daunting than they did in
August. These were supposed to be cupcake wins heading into the ACC title game.
Sure USC is on our schedule, but it's not "The USC". Yet, I still think we might
go 0-3. Did I mention we play Duke too?

It would be one thing if you could pin it all on one specific area, but you
can't. It's not the offensive lines fault that they came in inexperienced and
have been hammered with injuries all year. I have tried to look past that
situation, we can't change that right now. I have yet to see this team respond
to adversity. We seem to lack motivation to get going when the going gets

For me, it's been the critical mistakes in decision making, by players and
coaches. It boils down to the inability to avoid these mistakes and in turn
make your own breaks. It's the bad interceptions that have led to points for
our opponents, it's losing containment at the worst times, it's the players
looking lost at times during zone coverage, a blitz package that couldn't break
through a wet paper bag, and the inability to move the ball on the ground verses
top tier teams. I'm sure there are more, I'll let you list them if you wish.

Sadly, the odds of this talented Clemson team earning a bowl bid have dwindled
to slim and none. Sure, we could run the table, but the Tigers will have to
play smart football. I just don't know that we are good enough to win these
last three games, if we continue making crucial mistakes. The disappointing
thing is that we will be the most talented team on the field in all three

In closing, I am excited to tell you that I plan to continue TigerNet Talk
throughout basketball season. We began a new segment this week, "Beyond the
Arc" with Daniel Alexander. Daniel was on with me the whole show as we wanted
to test the system. The new equipment still has a few bugs, but it seemed to
work pretty well. I hope you continue to tune in during basketball season. It's
an exciting time for Oliver Purnell and the boys. I can't wait for the season to
get rolling! Thanks again for your support.

El Swann®


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