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Topic: Since I care very little for BBall, this move does not
Replies: 7   Last Post: Mar 21, 2017 8:07 AM by: Judge Keller

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Since I care very little for BBall, this move does not [3]
Posted: Mar 21, 2017 12:02 AM

surprise or bother me. I would have preferred to do the buyout, try and find a new coach, and take my chances with him. But honestly, if I were DRad, I would have made the exact same choice. BBall at CLEMSON is just not that important. Football is king and is #1 in the nation. Baseball is #1 in the ACC and the new hire of Lee was solid IMO. BBall wins just enough games to keep the angry mobs from forming, and we just spent a ton on facilities. Nah - let CBB hang around 2-3 more years IMO, and limp thru some bad decisions that were made. IMO there is no way we can be worse next year than we were this year. And if not, the crowds will forget how bad we were this year. Even a gambler would bet on this as the risk is low.

Maybe t-net just needs to turn their focus to bball and fball and enjoy the ride for a few months. That's what I've done. This move was inevitable and a no-brainer IMO, so it's done - close the door.

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