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Topic: willy korn
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willy korn
Posted: Mar 19, 2013 1:24 PM

Congeatulations to willy korn on the job at csu.I wish the kid all the best.I've read all of the negative stuff on here about him and I think he endured a lot of undue criticism. He was injured his entire career as a tiger...and if anyone dares remember both he and cullen harper were running for their lives back in 08.As a matter of fact it was lack of protection that led to his injury as he was filling in for harper who was also injured due to poor line play...not the kids fault his body didn't have the frame to withstand punishment like whitehurst or have the wheels like woody to out run people. .and overall the bottom line is that it just didn't work out for him here at the place he dreamed of playing...but to his credit he bounced back in the best way he could...that's life..kid is a tiger for life...and who knows..he is young enough to work his way up the ranks and by the time dabo is done years from now he could be the man on the sidelines..how cool would that be to have not only a tiger but homegrown upstate caroli na boy on the sidelines leading future generations of tigers in battle.instead of lamenting failure and dissapointment we should look for solutions in life..as hard as that is.I wish him the best because once a tiger always a tiger...man...am I in offseason pumper mode or what..God Bless...and GO TIGERS.

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