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Topic: New Story: Tigers play "road game" during Monday morning practice
Replies: 11   Last Post: Aug 11, 2014 9:32 PM by: RevDodd®
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Re: Clemson Football practice was held at Perry Correctional
Posted: Aug 11, 2014 3:14 PM

institution for a road game like practice preparing for UGA. For the participation of the inmates simulation of the UGA fans. They were all given Tiger Paw cell phones to help combat midnight Drone deliveries of such contraband. Coach Swinney stated that inmates done an ok job of imitating how nasty UGA fans are except for two stages of being like a real UGA fan. Inmates were dressed nicer, and couldn't be as toothless, filthy, and as nasty mouth of a real UGA fan with their cursing or appearance. But all in all, it was as close to being in Stanford stadium as we could get. Coach Spurrier had already rejected our prior request by stating. Now that wouldn't be fair b/c we don't have anyone in the state that could do the same for us. Coach Spurrier also rejected Coach Swinney's offer of loaning him enough Tiger uniforms to dress out his practice team. Spurrier rejected that idea also by stating that he didn't want to see their fans spiting on, cursing at, and throwing beer and liquor bottles at his Clemson disguised players. Coach Swinney made the uniform offer b/c coot fan are allowed at the first couple weeks of practice.

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