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Topic: FB Update: Swinney: It's not about who the best Christian is, it's about who the best player is"
Replies: 7   Last Post: Apr 23, 2014 3:01 PM by: TigerOf2007
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I think Dabo is AWESOME & doing a fine job...
Posted: Apr 23, 2014 1:09 PM

Also being a great spokesman for Clemson & good politician (if there is such a thing).

He's telling everyone exactly how it is & not allowing himself to be backed in a corner or feel disgraced & apologetic about who HE is & what HE believes in (notice it's not what Clemson believes...) & that is right & just. Show the facts & nothing can be said otherwise or any real complaint made. Dabo's taking the correct route, imo, by not backing down, tucking his tail, or talking himself in circles, & telling the truth about what's going on.
People may not like it, but they can't make him not believe or be someone he's not. THAT would be unconstitutional! He can say what he wants & feel whatever he likes, & run his football team how he deems fit....it's HIS team, there are many others to choose from if ya don't like this one, or this state for that matter & it's people's stance on issues like religion. He shouldn't bend over or change anything with how he runs the football show at Clemson, especially if he's not infringing on anyone's rights.They need to realize it's an infringement on other folks rights & happiness when you start telling them what they can't believe in, or how to express themselves & what they can't do.
live & let live....i don't get it or their point here if nobody has complained or been wronged in any way.
Leave Clemson alone & worry about yourselves & your own salvation...If you believe in such!

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