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Topic: BKB Update:ACC supports deregulation of conference champions
Replies: 10   Last Post: Mar 15, 2014 9:26 AM by: gat1ger
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Bad Idea -- Especially for Clemson
Posted: Mar 14, 2014 10:48 PM

I think the ACC should be hopeful to just get one team in every year and design their system accordingly. The SEC, right or wrong, will likely get two teams in every year. That leaves two spots open and if teams like Ohio State, Michigan, Oregon, Oklahoma, or USC win their conference championship, they will most likely get the nod over Clemson as the ACC champion because of their name and $$.

For FSU or Clemson to win the ACC, they will now likely have to beat each other twice in the same year with the championship game following the week of their rivalry game. Until the ACC improves considerably, wins some out of conference games to gain credibility for in conference games, deregulation will actually hurt the chance of FSU or Clemson getting into the playoff. This is especially true for CU as national perception generally works against them (i.e. most people thought OSU was a better team this year..they weren't).

If FSU, CU, Miami, and Va Tech all become perennial top 15 teams, then this would be a good idea. Until then, let FSU or CU beat Duke in the ACC CG and roll the dice on getting selected. Low ratings in the ACC CG matter very little to FSU and the ACC right now.

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