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Topic: Campus Update: Photos: Snow Day in Clemson
Replies: 10   Last Post: Feb 11, 2014 3:52 PM by: BKendall36®
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Ok, so here's the story [4]
Posted: Feb 11, 2014 2:40 PM

First of all, the Pershing Rifles has 2 pledge classes (rat classes...just like the old days, so they are carrying on that tradition) per year -- one in the Fall and one in the Spring.

In the Fall "Cannon Week" is usually the week of Homecoming (which is why you'll often see tents up at the cannons behind all the frat boys' floats). Way back when, Sakerlina student came up to ole "Tom and Jerry" and tried to cut them with a hacksaw. They definitely damaged the cannons, but weren't successful in cutting them in half. The next time you are in Clemson, check out the underside of each cannon and you'll see the damage (fyi...the cannons were rolled over after the damage was done).

So, the Pershing Rifles protect the cannons during the Fall during Homecoming week. During the Spring, they usually choose a week that best suits the schedule, but the same concept is done here. They are out there from Sunday night to Saturday morning. During the week, the 'Rats' will spend all their time, when not in class, shining these monsters (walk by and you'll get a whiff of Brasso). On Saturday morning, the Company Commander of the Pershing Rifles will come out for inspection and will do his morning shave using the cannons as a mirror.

For the guy that said something about the guy who disappeared in 1998, this was actually a current Pershing Rifle 'Rat' at the time. His name is Jason Knapp. The current 'Rat' classes carry around a picture of him with his last-known information and where he disappeared (Table Rock State Park...where his white car was found parked). He was never found. Every year on April 11th, the Pershing Rifles will post a wreath and his "Missing" photograph. Often, his mother will come up to visit the cannons on this day and to meet with current members of the Pershing Rifles. Here is a link to a recent story about him...


If you all have any questions, let me know.

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