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Topic: New Story: Life on the recruiting trail: Six coaches, one barbecue joint
Replies: 9   Last Post: Feb 9, 2014 11:58 AM by: Francis Marion®
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Re: New Story: Life on the recruiting trail: Six coaches, one barbecue joint
Posted: Feb 8, 2014 1:42 PM

I guess what he isn't saying is, the time he caught Mangus pissing on the bench at the BBQ house in Texass. Or when he saw Bobby Petrino throw another chick off his Harley in the parking lot at a bar in Charleston. Or maybe a more favorable story, Petrino throwing one of his many high dollar affairs on a pool table in cootlumbia, with Slurrier bar dancing without his shirt on, while Mangus was pissing in the ice machine. Or when he saw Slurrier pole dancing with nothing on but his garnet and black lip stick and G-String in a strip joint in New Orleans, while Slurring the words to his favorite song, I love demcocks, I love demcocks, I love demcocks rah rah rah. Yes Jeff, I bet you could ruin the stellar reputation of about all the SEC coaches character including the one that came to the acc to try and clean his story up. But there will be another incident for Mr. Petrino. When he gets to be around 60 and his hormones start to slow him down. But until then, there will likely be more than a few favorable incidents for him. Alcohol and over acting hormones will usually cause unwanted character flaws. Poor Bobby, he choose the wrong employment field for the bad boy life style that he so much enjoys living. The public eye now has the cell video cameras in arms reach that will record your public actions around every corner!!! You can run, but you can hide. The candid camera is watching us all!!!

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