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Topic: Front Page Story: Orange Bowl Photo Galleries
Replies: 6   Last Post: Jan 6, 2014 2:49 PM by: jbthe1tiger99®
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Re: The more i look at Shuey's hit on Braxton
Posted: Jan 6, 2014 3:17 AM

it was a thing of beauty!
what a joke of a flag...
kinda makes you think about us getting a little rattled or not playing great physical games sometimes, well more like just not every game & when we really need to.
those game are usually officiated pretty badly & we get BS flags thrown at us typically. well, that seems to be when our guys deflate some or get discouraged, as i've seen it in many games over the years (kind of like that WVU game the last time we were in the OB & against the coots).
they get in a danged if they do, danged if they don't kind of mode. i've witnessed it before & though about & believe that sometimes that's the case. maybe it's only on certain plays in a game after a bad call or spot or whatever, but that's a lot of times enough time for the other team to make a play or take advantage of the moment.
well these men didn't do that or give up the other night & that right there is why they won! you can't possibly get that many penalties against you for almost 150 yards & typically win a game...but our Tigers DID! that shows the job the coaches are doing too, even including the mistakes & bonehead calls from time to time, those players believed & fought mightily. they did refuse to give up & cave-in to the officials will it seemed , and also a tough OSU team.
I can't wait to see what these guys can do with our program moving forward & it starts right now!!!

I CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE TIGER FOOTBALL!!!! the countdown has begun...

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