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Topic: Football Update: Steve Fuller comments on #4 jersey on Clemson Sports Talk
Replies: 14   Last Post: Jan 3, 2014 6:01 PM by: apextiger®
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ahem... Mr. Gatorbowl... [1]
Posted: Jan 3, 2014 4:17 PM

And those darn kids are in your yard again..
Can a paperboy ever get the throw onto the steps?

Jeez, slow down you hooligan drivers going so fast... and movie prices are now above $5 per person .. i used to go to the movies with 25¢ and come home with change... and what is with the email... facsimile machines are cutting edge... this darn rock and roll has all these kids with their long hair.. bunch of degenerates....

I used to walk to see the Tigers play on Bowman field and it was uphill both ways and carrying a mule on my back.

And why color TV?... three channels and black and white was just fine by me.

They also should have just branched out and made more versions of Pong. There is no need for all these different type of video games.

Oh... my back hurts. Don't get me started on my ailments.

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