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Topic: Front Page Story: 2013 schedule has three teams that finished in Top 10
Replies: 9   Last Post: Feb 27, 2013 10:49 AM by: Dugatiger®
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PJ's GT is 6-14 vs FBS teams that have more than 1 prep week [1]
Posted: Feb 27, 2013 1:33 AM

I've been keeping a running tally of Paul Johnson's GT versus FBS teams that had more than one consecutive week to prepare. It is as follows:

PJ's GT is:
6-14 (.300) against FBS teams that had more than one consecutive week to prepare for the option but,
27-11 (.711) vs FBS that only have 1 week to prepare.

By comparison, from 2004-2007 GT was 28-20 (0.583) vs. FBS teams that had 1 week to prepare, and 8-10 (0.444) vs FBS teams that had more than 1 week to prepare.

PJ's GT is:
1-4 (.200) in bowl games- when BOTH teams have a month to prepare.

The data indicates that PJ's rarely-seen option offense is tough to prepare for in 1 week, but pretty easy to defeat, when the opponent is given more time to prepare.

Details follow:
2008: 1-2. Beat UGA. Lost to UNC & spanked by LSU.
2009: 0-2. Lost to Miami & Iowa (GT's 2 lowest yardage totals of the season.)
2010: 1-4. Beat suspension-decimated UNC. Lost to NCSU, VT, UGA, Air Force.
2011: 1-2. Beat NCSU (2 extra days). Lost to UVA (2 wks. 296 yds lowest of season. & VT, 12 days & Utah.)
2012: Lost to VT in opener. Lost to MTSU (2weeks), Beat UNC & Duke. Lost to UGA (who played option-team, Ga Southern the prior week). Beat USC in bowl.

Details for 2004-2007:
2004: Beat UMD, Duke, UConn, Syr. Lost to Miami, VT, UGA.
2005: Beat Aub, UNC. Lost to NCSU, Utah.
2006: Beat UMD. Lost to ND, Clem, UGA, WVU.
2007: Beat ND. Lost to Fesno.

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