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Tigers boast firepower but have to be better in non-conference play

Brad Brownell’s basketball team will feature a lot of new faces this season, and the Tigers have a rebuilt and shiny new facility in which to play. For Brownell, however, it’s all about being consistent, doing better in non-conference games and hoping the talent, consistency and emphasis on winning the early-season games will result in a postseason berth.

The new Littlejohn Coliseum: An early inside look
Thirty members of the Clemson media toured the new Littlejohn Coliseum Wednesday morning, with Joe Simson (Associate Athletic Director of Facilities Management) taking 90 minutes to show off what’s been completed and what still has to be done.

Buddy the Great: Demontez Stitt and his heart will be missed
I woke up early this morning to the news that former Clemson point guard Demontez Stitt had passed away, and there was just no way I could go back to sleep. I kept seeing “Buddy” and remembering all of the games and the interviews and the times when we would make fun of each other. Losing someone so young, so full of life and energy, is never easy.

"Christmas morning" a relief for Brownell, Blossomgame
Clemson head coach Brad Brownell broke into his biggest smile in years Wednesday when he was asked if it felt a little like Christmas morning, and the smile said it all. Which former Clemson players did Blossomgame turn to for advice? What does his family think?

Jaron Blossomgame: Decision date looms after impressive combine showing
Decision day is a week away for Clemson forward Jaron Blossomgame, and he has a lot of miles to travel before then. What does he think about his performance at the NBA Combine? Which way is he leaning?

Brownell won’t set a timetable for Blossomgame
Head coach Brad Brownell said he hasn’t set a deadline for a Jaron Blossomgame NBA decision, but he is excited about the three new transfers to the program.

Jaron Blossomgame: Will he stay, or go?
Jaron Blossomgame has three weeks until he must make one of the biggest decisions of his life. Does he take a chance as an underclassman and jump to the NBA or does he come back to school and improve his stock during his senior season?


11/11Georgia7:00 PMACCN Extra
11/17Davidson$11:00 AMESPNU
11/18Xavier or Missouri+TBA
11/25High Point7:00 PMACCN Extra
11/30Nebraska~9:00 PMESPNU
12/04Coppin StateTBAACCN Extra
12/10Mercer4:00 PMACCN Extra
12/13SC State7:00 PMESPNU
12/18@Alabama4:00 PMESPNU
12/21@South Carolina9:00 PMESPNU
12/28UNC Wilmington7:00 PMACCN Extra
12/31@Wake Forest12:00 PMRSN
01/03North Carolina7:00 PMESPN2
01/07@Notre Dame3:00 PMESPNU
01/12@Georgia Tech7:00 PMRSN
01/14Virginia12:00 PMACCN
01/19@Louisville7:00 PMESPN/ESPN2
01/22Virginia Tech6:30 PMESPNU
01/28@Pittsburgh12:00 PMRSN
02/01Georgia Tech7:00 PMRSN
02/05@Florida State12:30 PMESPNU
02/07Syracuse8:00 PMACCN
02/11@Duke1:00 PMACCN
02/14Wake Forest7:00 PMRSN
02/18@Miami12:00 PMRSN
02/21@Virginia Tech7:00 PMESPNU
02/25Florida State12:00 PMACCN
03/01NC State8:00 PMACCN
03/04Boston CollegeTBATBD
$Puerto Rico Tip-Off; +Puerto Rico Tip-Off; %Puerto Rico Tip-Off; ~ACC/Big Ten Challenge; ^ACC Tournament; all times ET
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